Saturday, June 28, 2008

Believe it of not....

Sawyer has another really cute friend!! How blessed are we??
Beth and John Luke came over to play with us yesterday. I really appreciated them making the effort/trip just to come play. They got here about 9:00, and Sawyer and John Luke played until they left about 4:30 (with just a short nap in between). He's still napping this morning. John Luke wore him out! :) We both loved every second of their visit though, and we hated to see them go. Thank you sooooooooooo much for coming! We love y'all!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tonight I'm Thankful for...

My friend Kristen choosing to go to the doctor in Enterprise instead of Andalusia! I wish all of my Andalusia friends would make this decision! There's a GREAT doctor, AND You would never have to worry about childcare for your child while you go the doctor. Sawyer and I would be more than happy to take care of that for you!

Kristen went to Dr. Pollard's yesterday, so I had the priviledge of keeping Miss Maggie Ruth. She is SWEET!! She is a girl after my own heart, because she sings ALL the time! I love it! I was very impressed when I could recognize the songs! I heard her sing/hum "The ABC Song" and "Jesus Loves Me"! She and Sawyer played in his toy room and in the pool. They both like the water hose, but they shared very well! I was proud! :)
Thanks for my fun day, Kristen! I'm glad you made such a wise decision, and I hope all of our other Andy friends will follow in your footsteps!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Erika at the Emmy's

This post is to make sure you don't miss my friend Erika's blog. She just returned from the Emmy's. I thought her post was TOO entertaining not to share! Check out her is the first one under my list of friends' blogs, "Erika's Blog." I know you'll enjoy!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Back to the Beach

This time it was a girls' weekend at Allyson's with my friends, Sarah, Lenzie, and Ashley "Bourland" Collins. I headed to Allyson's Friday afternoon when Walker got home from work. He and Sawyer headed to Granny Beck's for the weekend, so they had a great weekend too. It was strange not to have my little buddy in the backseat on the way down, but I thoroughly enjoyed the little break. We just hung around Allyson's Friday night talking. Saturday we spent the day at the beach, and we were blessed with beautiful weather. Then, we got back to Allyson's and took showers and had a baby shower in our pjs for the three out of the five of us that are pregnant. It was great! Thanks girls for my diapers and cute owl bib!
HAVE I MENTIONED THAT ALLYSON'S PREGNANT!?!?!?! I think most of you know this, but I haven't posted anything about my soon-to-be little nephew or niece. I think I'm as excited about her baby as I am about our little #2! Allyson's due date is December 27th, so we'll have a little Christmas baby. Our babies will be about 7 weeks apart. I can't wait to see the two of them playing together!
Saturday night we went to eat at Captain Anderson's, and it was delicious. Everyone else headed home early Sunday morning, because Bourland had a long trip back, but I was able to stay and go to church with Al and Wes.
It's so funny how our conversations have changed so much-especially since college. Most of them revolved around our children. I enjoyed it very much! Thanks girls for a great weekend! I'll look forward to next year!

Allyson, Me, Bourland, Sarah, and Lenzie

Allyson's House decorated for Our Shower

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Weekend at Camp

My dad planned a weekend for all the Browns at Camp Maranatha in Scottsboro this weekend. I was very impressed that he did this, especially because it was the same weekend as the US Open. We all got there Friday night. Saturday we swam, went fishing out on Daddy's boat, played 4-square, basketball, and Catch Phrase. Allyson and I got to introduce Walker and Wes to 4-square. They had somehow gone through life thus far without ever playing! It may be the one game we're better than them. :) The whole weekend was really fun-well worth the long drive up there for the day. I, unfortunately, waited until Sunday morning to pull out the camera, but here are a few pictures that I took.

Group Picture right before we went Home

Sawyer and Gmama

My Dad with Shelby and Sawyer opening Father's Day Presents

Monday, June 9, 2008

VBS Bound

I thought we were funny in our matching shirts! Too bad Sawyer decided to stick his hand in the grill's grease bucket when we got home. I tried hard, but I was unable to remove it all from his brand new t-shirt...bummer! I should have read Helpful Hints from Heloise before I washed his shirt for the first time....
I read cornstarch would remove grease, but it doesn't work as well after the shirt's been through the washing machine.
Oh well! What can you do??
We hated to miss Carolina's Bible School, but this is okay so far! We just miss our friends!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Beach Baby

We just got back from a fantastic weekend at the beach. We went to Panama City this year and stayed at the Celadon...which was next door to SPLASH (another group of condos). I had not heard of "Splash," but after seeing it-we want to stay there next year. It has lots of indoor water park stuff. It looks fun!!!!! Allyson said Tommy Tubberville has a place there...maybe next year we'll have pictures of Sawyer and TT, but until then....
This place was great too! Walker's grandmother takes us to the beach every year, and it's always so much fun! This year was one of my favorites so far as a Williams-definitely different from years past. Even last year, Sawyer was so little-I could just lay out...but oh, what a difference a year makes! That little boy LOVED everything about this trip and kept his mama busy! He liked playing in the sand, but he really loved the pool and his cousins! Poor Walker was sick 1/2 the trip, but the second half of the trip, he was much better! THANK GOODNESS! We missed Daddy while he was out of commission!
I'd say highlights from the trip were:
-playing with Sawyer in the pool
-dinner at the Back Porch with the whole family PLUS Allyson! :) (Thanks for coming, Brown-Brown!)
-dinner last night at Bayou Bill's Crab House b/c we got a big, round table, so it was fun!
-Crab Hunting with Mikey, Gracie, Diana, and Walker-we found LOTS of them!

I took lots of pictures. Click HERE, and go to play slideshow to see them all!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

It's a......

BOY! AND we are pumped!!! I really wanted a boy, but I hated to want one thing over the other so badly, but when they wrote, "It's a boy" on the ultrasound, I just started crying! Walker's excited too! I had wanted two so close together after seeing Jennifer Earnest's boys all the time, and they play SOOOOOOOOOO well together! I think that's fun! So, anyway...Sawyer will have a baby brother in November. We don't know a name yet, but we'll work on that now! :) They also said that everything looks good, so THANK YOU, LORD! We are blessed!


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sawyer's New Ride

This video doesn't do it justice, but I wanted to share what we were up to yesterday afternoon. We've been spending every afternoon in our backyard. Walker and I have gotten on a Frisbee kick lately. Sawyer liked pushing this little Gator around the yard, but he LOVED it when Walker became the horse yesterday. I took this on one of Walker's slow routes around the yard. He went fast enough to throw Sawyer off around the corners a couple of times, but he just got up laughing.

Monday, June 2, 2008


Grandmother passed away Thursday night about 10:00. The services were held Saturday in Tennessee, and they truly were worship services. It really wasn't a sad day. Grandmother was 91, and we'll miss her terribly, but we all knew how strong her faith was and she is in a much better place. She was ready to go. Her old body was just worn out. The service was such a testimony to the way she lived her life. She served a lot, so she stood out from the crowd at her church. She was one who was willing to do anything, because she wanted to serve God.
The preacher at my parents' church included her in the majority of the sermon on Sunday morning too. He couldn't help but notice that she had built her life on the rock, and although times had been hard, she had always trusted in God and knew he had a purpose for her. I hope one day people at my funeral will be able to speak like that about me.
Thank you for your prayers!