Friday, August 20, 2010

Sawyer's going to "School!"

Last year at this time, I chickened out sending Sawyer-man to school. He was registered to start, and I bailed out the night before. He didn't want to go, and I wanted one more full year at home with my little guy with no obligations. I know these years are passing so quickly, and it won't be long until I HAVE to send him to school. I am VERY thankful that I kept him out last year. I have LOVED having him at home with me!
This year, I'm really excited that he actually IS going to go! He's starting "Little Blessings" (Mother's Day Out) at our church next Tuesday. (I realize it's not kindergarten or anything, but it's still big to us!) We went and met his sweet teacher, Mrs. Clare, last night. He knows most of the kids in his class, is very familiar with the building, and loves to color and cut, so it looks like he's going to have a great time! I'm looking forward to spending alone time with Eli. I'm just hoping Eli is going to enjoy playing with just his mama-not sure I compare to Sawyer! :)

Sawyer with Mrs. Clare

He came home last night and got several of his favorite books out. He wanted to pack them for Show & Tell! I hope they'll have it at some point!
It's a little out of control how much I adore this sweet boy!! PRAYING for a wonderful year for him!! Love you, Boo!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Birthday!!

This post is late, but my sweet husband had a birthday last Friday. He's now 33!! I think he's the cutest, sweetest, best thing around!!! I love you A WHOLE LOT, Walker Williams!!
Here he is with our boys on his birthday....

These 3 characters mean the world to me!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Girls' Weekend & The Lake

We had our annual girls' weekend with sweet friends from Auburn last weekend. It was fabulous! We normally go to the beach, but Ashley Collins offered to host this year in Decatur. It was SO NICE to just enjoy spending time with each other! I'm very thankful for these girls that I can laugh with and get away with every year!

While I was out playing, Walker took over at home. He took Sawyer & Eli to two birthday parties on Saturday, took them to church, and then headed North (with Eli screaming in the car the last hour) to meet me at my parents' house so we could all go to Lake Guntersville the next day. SWEET! He's a good one for sure!!!

Katie's mother-in-law has a fabulous house at Lake Guntersville that she graciously shared with the Williams. Sawyer and Eli tubed for their first time which was fun! Sawyer thought it was much more fun that Eli. He was laughing and loving it saying, "Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah!!" He has already planned how Uncle Wes needs to take him tubing! :) Eli endured the tube, but he wasn't loving it like his brother....maybe next year! Their mama is definitely a fan!
We also got to witness Uncle Scott teaching Grace & Shelby to ski. They did unbelievable! I wish I had lots of pictures to share, but my camera battery died after Walker snapped a couple of Sawyer and me on the tube. Grace was singing...."I love to ski, ski, ski, ski down in my heart" as she went! CUTE! :) Thanks, Braddocks and Bourland, for a great time!