Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Days of Preschool

 "School" started for my boys this week.  Sawyer will go 5 mornings a week.  Eli will go 2 mornings a week.  Both were excited for school to start.  I have mixed feelings, but overall, I think it's going to be good.  They both go and have fun, and they're home in enough time to eat lunch with me every day! :)  I've figured out that 11:30 comes fast, so I have to get all my business done quick before it's time to go back and get them.  Here's Sawyer the first night at open house.  They were told to sign in and then, draw pictures of themselves.  His little stick man had a lot of yellow hair.  :)

His teacher, Ms. Angie J

the homework he took on the first day of school...he worked hard on this!

i love this one!! :)

first day-signing in

When Sawyer got home, I asked if he liked school.  His response was, "Are you kidding me?  I loved it!"  haha!  I'm glad!

Eli-Chocolate Pie started today (Tuesday)...He was a champ!!  I think he truly thinks he's hot stuff getting to go to school like his big brother.  He's a bit of a rascal, and I wish I could be a fly on the wall in his classroom to see what all he'll say.  Thankfully, he has several buddies in his class and a really cute, sweet teacher.  We asked if he liked it, "I like chool, Mama!" 

both boys outside the school (church)

Eli's class-he went in and didn't look back at me when I told him bye.  He was ready to go play! 
READY for school-hope he'll b this ready again on Thursday

I pray that they will both have a great year in preschool.  I pray they will  learn to be kind to others, be respectful of their teachers, learn more about Jesus, and feel HIS love from others while they are there.