Saturday, April 24, 2010


I am so very thankful that Walker allows me the opportunity to stay at home and take care of my boys/play everyday! I LOVE THIS JOB!!! So...if you read this Will, THANKS! I love you!!!

My smart, hard-working husband is in the midst of building a new patio with a pergola! I'm super excited about it! The rain held off most of the day, so he got a lot accomplished. I'll be sure to post pictures as soon as they "get the job done." :) I'm SURE the job would go MUCH faster if he didn't have Pete & Repete helping him dig, but Walker doesn't make them move....he just works around them. I think that's SO NICE! Sawyer & Eli think it's GREAT!

Sweet Cabub and Allyson came to spend the night Thursday night. It's REALLY, REALLY fun to have them here! Sawyer & Eli love Caleb like they love each other! They play really well together, and it's so much fun to watch them! We did a little strawberry picking while they were here. Sawyer picked, and did not eat one. He knows we're suppose to wash them before we eat them. His Aunt Al and I didn't mind as much! We enjoyed our fair share! Eli and Caleb went to town! They were both shirtless and covered in juice by the time we left, but that's another reason why I do love that Brown-Brown...We could care less!! They had fun!
Here are the youngest two busy in the strawberry patch. :)

Allyson said before she had Caleb, she couldn't understand why I couldn't keep my boys clean. She said, she gets it now! She also said although Caleb was born and so far raised in PCB, he definitely has country-bumpkin' in his blood! :) I can't imagine where he gets it!!! :) He was cracking us up!!! I think he liked strawberry picking the best!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Fishing with Granddaddy

Sawyer, Eli and I headed to Hartselle last Tuesday for a few days. Walked stayed home to work in the real-world, but we took off. (He actually got to go spend a few days in Clayton AND turkey hunt, so I think he enjoyed himself too!)
Anyway...Sawyer has a little Spiderman fishing pole he loves to "fish with" in the backyard. So, one day recently, he said, "Mama, we need to go fishing with Granddaddy." So...that became on our to-do list while we were up there.
The whole trip up there was good! I, unfortunately, left my camera on charge at home, so I don't have pictures except from the fishing trip.

  • When we got into town, Renee met us at Dairy Queen. I LOVED seeing her!!! We got to chat while my boys played on the playground.

  • Katie and her girls came over to play a lot! I love all those little girls, but I can't get over sweet Caroline!!! SHE IS A DOLL-BABY!!! Smiles & is happy ALL THE TIME! I love her!!! I really wish I had a picture! She's so sweet with a little bow in her hair! PRECIOUS! Sawyer REALLY likes them all too!!! When they'd leave, one day he'd say, "I don't want Grace to leave!" The next day it was, "I don't want Shelby to leave!" and I know he loves Julia too!

  • We had a fun trip to the Priceville Park with G'mama where Eli managed to climb the rock wall and go down by the twirly slide all by himself. He's definitely fearless! He just goes and does his thing, which is DIFFERENT from my first child. I have to watch him close!

  • G'Mama kept my boys one afternoon, so I could go shopping at Target ALL BY MYSELF! WHAT? I loved it!

I wish we had time to visit more with friends we don't see often!! I sure do love a lot of people around there, and it's so hard to get to visit as much as I'd like!! Hope we can make more trips up there this summer! I know there's a little Weinman baby that will be here before long that I wait to see!! :)

Thanks for a fun trip, G'mama and Granddaddy!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Update...Jesus Is Alive!!

I'm a little late on my Easter post, but it was a great day/weekend!
A few highlights include:

  • the Easter egg drop where Sawyer and I watched the Easter bunny drop 15,000 eggs out of a helicopter
  • Walker killed 2 turkeys Easter weekend, which means he was VERY happy! :)
  • Egg hunts with friends and with cousins

    It was all really fun! BUT...I guess the best part for me of this Easter has been Sawyer has been SO interested in the real Easter story, so it's been really neat explaining to him that Jesus died on the cross for us, but HE LIVES b/c God has the power to raise him from the dead. He overcame death, so we might have life!
    We also sang and taught this peppy, little "Jesus is Alive!" song to our first grade Sunday School class that Walker and I teach. It's a cute song, and it was fun for us to teach them the true meaning of Easter too. The song has been stuck in my head for days! :) It's amazing how many of those children several weeks ago thought Easter was all about the Easter bunny, and those are church-going kids. Here's a couple of pics of our little family Easter morning before church. Notice: My poor camera is on the brink of death! :)