Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy 4th

We had a good 4th of July!  Living in Enterprise (which is home of Fort Rucker), I have a whole new appreciation for the military and their spouses.  I've known about Katie's military life a long time, but it's really amazing how many military people there are and just how much they do for us.  They serve so selflessly.  I admire the sweet wives who take care of their kiddos without a backup and without family around.  They really deserve so much for their sacrifice!!  They get moved around, told what to do, have to leave their families....all for the sake of freedom!!  I'm extremely thankful for their service!! 
Anyway...we were glad to celebrate at Fort Rucker this year for (I think) the third year in a row.  Lieutenant Dan (from Forest Gump) has a band, and they were the entertainment out there Saturday night.  We had a small photo shoot before we left while Walker was getting dressed...I hate I didn't get any of my cute husband...Next time!  I sure am enjoying my camera!  Pictures are so much easier/more fun to take.   

Sweet Sawyer...Have I ever mentioned that I REALLY love these boys!! :) 

Eli cracks me up here, because he was laughing in between pictures, but when the camera came out...he wasn't dare going to flash a smile. 

I got him to smile here.  I told him we'd send these pictures to Caleb and Hayes, so he's saying, "Hey Cabub.  Hey Hayes!" 

Thank you Cabub and Hayes for about 20 good pictures of Eli! :)

Sawyer will smile because he's very compliant! :)

Wide Open while the band played

The NICE lady in front of us blew bubbles for these boys for about 15 minutes.  She was a hit!

Our sweet friends the Martins.  Baron is in flight school, so unless we can find him a job around here quickly, they will move back to Texas in September. :(  They're about as precious as they come!

Sunday night we had a surprise birthday party for my friend Robin.  Her sweet husband asked us to plan a little surprise party.  It was fun! :)

Pretty Banner courtesy of Lindsay Elliott

Bobby's cracking up because I thought we should hide behind the counter and jump out (even though our cars were in the driveway)....I did it he's laughing at me....what's a good surprise party though if you can't jump out and yell surprise?  Are y'all with me, friends? (These people were not. :)

Robin coming in.  She WAS surprised. 

Allyson and Wes went on an anniversary trip to Charleston for their 5th anniversary, so we got to keep Caleb and Hayes one night.  I'm so thankful there were no major injuries. ;)

Our redneck waterslide

These boys had fun!
There was also a cookout in Clayton on the 4th, but I failed to take my camera.  The Williams are set up for cookouts!  We enjoyed fresh sweet corn, watermelon, homemade icecream, and the pool....LOVELY!  Hope y'all had a great 4th too!! 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

We've been swimming a little....

...Almost every day.  I'm not sure who is enjoying it or my boys.  I do love a beautiful day at the pool.  Sawyer took swimming lessons one week, and he's doing great!  Day 1-he could swim, but couldn't get a breath and go back down.  By day 3 of swim lessons, he had it!  Now, he's swimming all over the pool.  
Sawyer swimming across the deep end at swim lessons. His buddy Tucker is waiting on him at the ladder. ;)

Jumping off the diving board

We are SO THANKFUL to have lots of friends with pool access.  I'm a big believer in a city pool.  Enterprise's, however, is not the greatest, so we're thankful for neighborhood pools, backyard pools, and water parks!  We've hit 'em all up!

Eli is a fish!!  Ms. Heather (Sawyer's fantastic swim teacher) doesn't "teach" until they're three.  However, the last day she let me get in with Eli, and we practiced.  He got it!  He can hold his breath a LONG time, so he can swim as far as he can hold his breath.  He's a good little swimmer for two! 

Handsome Pants

We've been going to the gym in the morning, then the pool which ALMOST guarantees an afternoon nap!  I love summer time!

Eli, Ella Kate Elliott, and Sawyer
We're thankful for cute friends that join us too!