Sunday, April 19, 2009

Here's My Version...

So, Allyson and Katie have already posted about this weekend, but I thought I'd add my own two cents about what we've been up to. Allyson, Caleb, Sawyer, Eli, and I ventured to North Alabama last Wednesday. We tried to plan the trip perfectly. We took the boys to the park to try to wear them out, so they'd be good and ready for a nap come car-riding time, but it didn't work so well. By the time we made a 3 1/2 hour trip into a 6 hour trip, we were a little frustrated but glad to be there!
Anyway...During our visit, we had a fantastic time! We had planned a suprise baby shower for Katie. Since it's her fourth girl and her pregnancy has been tough, we thought it would be a fun surprise for her! It definitely was! The only thing about a surprise shower is you have to be sneaky, and we had lots of cleaning and yard work to do to get ready for the shower. That was made a little more difficult since Katie asked us to babysit Shelby and Julia (along with our 3), while we tried to get the house clean and ready. ANYWAY...It worked out, and it was really fun! Friday, Katie had taken Grace to the Birmingham Zoo on a field trip while we tried to get ready for the 10:00 shower. I thought it was funny (and I realized she didn't have a clue about the shower) when that night, she came in and eyed the boiled chicken on the stove. Mama said she kept closing the lid on the chicken, but Katie kept saying, "Here, Shelby. Want some more?" FUNNY! Anyway...Mama, of course, had plenty and made some fantastic chicken salad with the leftover chicken!
Katie's friends (some from college, some from her new church, and some family) got there at 10:00, and she walked in about 10:30. SHE WAS SURPRISED for sure! You can see her reaction on Allyson's blog. I think she cried the first 15 minutes of the shower! It was a little overwhelming! Her friends are on the video saying how they predicted first she'll laugh, then she'll cry, and then she'll say how she wishes she wore a cuter outfit. :)

It was a very fun trip, and I really hated to leave Sunday morning, but we made it back to Enterprise in 3 hours 15 minutes! WHAT? :) :)

Here's some pictures from our weekend....

Katie & Caleb, Mama & Eli

Katie's friends from Birmingham Southern

We also got to go to Renee & Jeff's Housewarming Party Friday night in Hartselle. It was a definite bonus to our trip! Wish I had taken a picture there! All in all...a fantastic trip! Can't wait to meet little Caroline in about 7 weeks!
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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Who Needs the Comedy Club?

I went to a Comedy Club one time when Al and I lived in Birmingham. I think it was my 23rd birthday, and I admit...I enjoyed it! I don't remember who the comedian was, I just remember it was enjoyable! I do enjoy a good laugh! Honestly, though, I don't think I've ever known anyone (except maybe Erika McFurson Powell) that makes me laugh as much as this little 2-year old I'm raising. It may not be that funny to the rest of you...but just for kicks, I thought I'd give you a couple of examples of this little character that lives in our house.

1. Since Eli's been around, Sawyer has liked to put Eli's paci in his mouth. Sometimes he'd need it, but when he didn't, I'd tell Sawyer that Eli doesn't need it now, "Eli's happy." Now, fairly often, when Eli's not crying Sawyer will say, "Eli's happy, Mama. He doesn't need his paci." Then he'd say, "Daddy's happy. Mama's happy. Sawyer's happy." Well, tonight at bedtime, this little character didn't want to go to bed (the routine includes a paci) he threw his paci down as I'm leaving the room, and screamed, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....Sawyer's Happy, Mama, Sawyer's Happy!" He screamed/cried about how happy he was for about 5 minutes before I couldn't take it anymore, and I went to get him. (how could I not...really?)

2. Ever since the election, Sawyer has recognized our new President. When he comes on the news he'll say, "Hey, Obama, Hey!" This week though, Matt Lauer and Will Smith got a "Hey, Obama" from Sawyer. He watched Matt Lauer for a good five minutes thinking it was Obama. I can kind of see the resemblence with them both! TOO FUNNY!

That's all for tonight. My brain is kind of fried, but I have to admit I am thoroughly enjoying hearing what this little one has to say! "Daddy....are you?? Are you, Daddy?"
Thanks for hanging in here with me on this one! I know I kind of dote on these kiddos of mine!