Tuesday, June 23, 2009

First Trip to the ER

We got up yesterday morning to a normal day. Everything was fine. It was another beautiful, hot day in Enterprise, AL until about 9:30. Eli was taking a nap in his bed, and I was outside with Sawyer talking about what we were going to do today. I mentioned swimming at "Beck-Beck's," and he said, "Ohhhhh! That'd be fun!" Then, he walks over to Walker's weight bench in the garage, and he knocks one of the weights onto his foot. AHHHHHHHH!!! He immediately started squalling. I pick him up. It is HUGE & blue with a big vein at the top. "Oh, Lord, help me! My two-year old has broken his foot" were my thoughts. I called Walker, and he didn't answer. Sawyer's squalling! I call him back. Thankfully, he answers. He's in Clayton working for the day, so he says he's on his way (a 45-minute drive). He'll meet me at the ER. Thankfully, I had already talked to my neighbor that morning and I knew she was home, so I call her. She tells me she'll be there in five minutes to keep Sawyer. She was! I grab Sawyer's new tractor and couple of diapers, change out of my pj's, and we head to the hospital. He is FINE in the backseat watching Barney playing with his tractor! I'm amazed! He acts just fine! I had a HAPPY, giggling kid in that lobby. When they took x-rays, I asked the radiologist for her opinion. She said, "I would have brought my child in." (I'm still thinking it's broken.) Anyway...about 12:30, we find out that he's okay-no broken bones...just a big bruise. I said, "THANK THE LORD!" The doctor said, I guess that's why the Lord gave him chubby feet. :) Probably so!

I took this picture late last night, so it really doesn't do the injury justice. It was HUGE! :)

He's up, jumping and playing today....Whew! I'm so thankful!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

My Top 10 Reasons that I love my daddy...
  1. He loves me! Growing up, he'd tell me ALL the time! Mainly, he'd say, "Who loves you?" The answer was "You do," or when we got older we'd say, "The Pa does."

  2. Snuggling. He was always a good snuggler and liked to snuggle with his girls. He'd call from his bed and say, "Who wants to snuggle with the Pa?" When we were little, we'd race to his bed when he'd say this. When we got older, he'd yell out, and we'd be lazy and not want to go, but I'd still appreciate the sentiment. There was never a doubt he loved us!

  3. His Bo-Bo Cars. He taught me bo-bo cars are okay. He could care less what his mode of transportation was-as long as it got us from a to b. He had some UGLY cars growing up and one OLD truck. We did lots of ducking in a car as we approached places in my childhood. I definitely realized that what you drive doesn't make you cool or uncool. I think this also helped me realize that your house/clothes/things don't make you who you are....(I'm thankful for his hooptie cars in hindsight!)

  4. The Judds/Randy Travis Obsession Phase...I can't even imagine how many times we listened to these two tapes as we rode in my dad's hooptie cars. We sang "Forever and Ever, Amen" and "Grandpa, tell me 'bout the good ol' days" MANY, MANY times with my daddy and sisters...but I still know all the words and it was fun!

  5. My mom worked in Decatur, so Daddy had driving duty in the morning. He always took us to school, which was probably more than 30 minutes out of the way. He and my mom thought it was important for us to go to Hartselle instead of catching the bus that went by our house to Priceville at the time. I'm thankful for that!

  6. Like clockwork, he'd be home at 5:30. Mama would have supper ready like clockwork, and when we were little, if we were playing outside, we could wait at the bottom of the hill, and he'd let us drive his car up the driveway. That's fun for a little kid for sure!!! (I guess that's why I'll take Sawyer driving around the neighbor whenever he asks now!)

  7. This is important....I appreciate the fact that we went to church most every Sunday, and Daddy was right there with us! I learned early that church is what you do on Sunday....so, today...that's what I tell Sawyer, that's what we do on Sundays.

  8. I was never too much of an athlete (neither were my sisters), but Daddy was willing to coach ball a couple of years. I think that's sweet!

  9. My daddy would also SING & DANCE A LOT! I appreciate this too! I admit none of us are the best singers/dancers, but that never stopped any of us from trying (still doesn't). A few of his favorites include...
  • I think he made this up, but it goes, "I sing so lovely, and I know it, I just can't help it...."

  • Kisses Sweeter than Wine (you ought to google it if you don't know it. It's funny because it talks about this man falling in love with his wife and about the third verse says, "whoopsy-laudy-I's the father of twins, because she had kisses sweeter than wine. She had um-um-kisses sweeter than wine."
  • "I Love Little Fuzzy Pups, Old Pickup Trucks, Slow Moving Trains and Rain, and I love Ashley too."

  • "Hey Good Lookin', Whatcha got cookin?"

10. I remember being a scardy-cat as a kid, but if there was a bad dream to be had, I could go to Daddy's side of the bed, and he'd let me get in until I felt asleep. Then, he'd carry me back to my bed.

Anyway...I think I have a good one! On Father's Day weekend, as long as I remember, he watches the US Open, so we're not venturing to North Alabama for the weekend to celebrate with him. Like Mama said, he'd just rather be left with his golf this weekend, but I just thought I'd say Happy Father's Day to you, Daddy! I love you lots!

and to Walker Williams....Man, Please! I don't think my boys could do ANY BETTER, ANY WHERE ON EARTH!

Friday, June 19, 2009

We've been pretty busy around here lately. I am very thankful! Both boys are cutting teeth, so I think I average 50 dirty diapers a day. I'm thankful we've been getting out and about in between all those dirty diapers! :)

They're still pretty sweet! I think I took this as we waited on Walker to get home one day.
Here's Sawyer and his friend, Tucker. They're pretty funny together-kind of two peas in a pod with their dumptrucks, tractors and now the swimming pool.

We took this at Bama Jam. I never got around to a post on Bama Jam, but it was really fun! We saw Jon Anderson, Blake Shelton, Taylor Swift, Jason Aldean, Allan Jackson, Randy Owen and more. We had a babysitter Thursday and Friday night which was a treat. Then, we took all three Saturday during the day. Kenny Chesney will be here next year. Y'all are all invited. I think there were only 100,000 people about a mile from our house. Yee-haw! :)

Sawyer likes to try to jump and get things like birds or the moon. He hasn't caught either yet.
Here are my boys yesterday morning making a train after breakfast. This is our garden. The FIRST one we've had since Walker and I have been married. It's still kind of pretty, but we've had a sneaky little deer visit our garden more than once. At first, he got our beans, then came back for some okra. Sawyer tells me at least once a day, "The deer ate the beans." Here's our buddies! I wish they lived next door, but I guess the beach isn't too bad either. This was last Friday when we went down for our anniversary. We had a fantastic time. Sawyer LOVED it. Between all the sand and the water...he was in heaven! Us too! :)

See all the teeth? He has a mouth full!

Here are my boys with Miss Bethany Burgess. Her mama was my friend from UAB who married, Walt, my dentist in Opp. She'll be a big sister in about a month. Her mom has mentioned an arranged marriage between Bethany and Sawyer. I think Sawyer would love that! :) He talks about Bethany a lot! Sweet Caleb! :) Happy 1/2 birthday today!! Cute, huh??
Sawyer and his FAVORITE toy!!!!

Our 5 year anniversary! :)

That's all I've got for now! Hope y'all all have a FANTASTIC weekend! Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Purple Diamonds

Walker & I are celebrating our 5th anniversary tomorrow. Just thought I'd share a funny story real quick....So....we have this anniversary coming up, and yesterday when I got home from VBS there was a message on the answering machine. It said, "This message is for Walker. This is so-and-so at Terra Cotta in Troy. I just wanted to give you a call and let you know we do have purple diamonds in stock. They're 21-99. Just come by if you're interested."
Walker was at work. I was confused. I thought purple diamonds? Interesting choice....I just assumed he had been looking for an anniversary gift for his lovely wife. So, I thought that sure is nice, but 21-99? Does that mean $21.99 or $2,199? I don't know of diamonds for $21.99, so I assumed again....I guess he's really going all out b/c it's our 5-year anniversary.
So...now, what to do? Do I tell him I got the message and ruin his surprise or do I ask him about it...What's a girl to do??
Well, I call Allyson to run the whole thing by her. She says, "OH! THAT'S SO NICE! WALKER'S SO NICE!" But she too is thinking, purple diamonds?? We both say how a pedicure or a giftcard would have worked, but purple diamonds are kind of fun. (We're sure although they're purple diamonds they're pretty-we know he has taste!) BUT...we're still confused...So, she decides to google terra cotta and look for these purple diamonds for $2,199.

When she does, we find out that "Terra Cotta" is a home & outdoor market, and these "purple diamonds" are actually outdoor plants that Walker's trying to find for his mama's yard.

GOOD THING WE GOOGLED IT! Otherwise, I would be expecting some $2,000 diamonds tomorrow.
I told Walker the whole story when he got home, and he thought we were very sneaky, but he thought the whole story was hilarious! :)

ANYWAY...Tomorrow we're going to head to the beach (where we know an excellent babysitter), and head out to dinner to celebrate "us."
I'm so thankful for Walker! He really is SUCH a fantastic husband, dad and friend! I am blessed to call him my husband!

The truth is when someone asks now about a time that you know God was really speaking to you or a time when you could really see God....I'd say when he gave me Walker Williams. God knew so much better than I did what I wanted/needed in a husband. It's something I really prayed about, and I think God showed-out when he gave me Walker! :)
Here's a few pictures from our wedding day!

Here's what we have to show for our last 5 years. Why the heck would I need purple diamonds?

I love you, Walker!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Welcome Baby Caroline!!!

I have a new niece as of Friday! Katie and Scott welcomed their fourth baby girl into the world. Sweet Caroline Scott Braddock was born late Friday night. SHE'S PRECIOUS and doing really well!! We're so glad she's here, and I can't wait to hold her!! Congratulations Scott & Katie!!!
You can read more about this sweet girl here.
Thank you, Lord, for Caroline!!!