Saturday, August 22, 2009

Our CRAZY Life (with Cows)

Sorry for my lack of posts lately. Life is somewhat busy around here these days! I want to get back to updating more frequently though, because I feel like I have lots of ground to cover to get caught up. I'll hit a few highlights...

#1 being-We've been on vacation. It was FABULOUS! I think it really was my favorite vacation EVER! I think I was in desperate need of a vacation, so I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. We went to PCB and stayed at Splash. I'd TOTALLY recommend it for family trips with small children! All three of my boys loved it, and that made me happy! I'll share a few pictures.

#2-I decided at the last minute I was not putting Sawyer in Mother's Day Out yet-nothing against it. I just had a change of heart. Although I'm crazy (REALLY!), I also realize that I'm not ready to give up two mornings a week yet. I talked to Katie on the phone a few days before it started, and she was telling me about how now that Grace is in school, she doesn't get to spend much time at all with her. So, it made me realize I'm just going to let him be little around here a little longer. He's a home-body for sure, and I hate to drag him away from his beloved sandbox and dump truck. A babysitter around here a few hours a week sounds lovely though!

#3-Eli started full-out crawling at the beach. He's been a scooter a while, but he's up on all fours now. He also started clapping last night. Sawyer clapped at him as Eli headed toward an outlet and said, "No-no, Eli!" Eli clapped back at him. Now, he thinks he's cute clapping, so he does it a lot! (He is really cute doing it too!) Eli's words only consist of "daddy," "mama" and "hey!" BUT give him a truck or tractor, and he'll "brrrrmmmmm" with the best of them.
Eli is a Very Cute RASCAL. His favorite things are electric outlets, pulling the plants down off their stand, knocking his baby food on the floor, playing with computer cords and the vacuum.

#4-Sawyer has some SERIOUS imaginary friends. They're cows. They've been around about a month now, but it's gotten a little more intense lately. They're cows, but they fit into his fist. Tonight we went to the park, and when we got in the car, he cried because one was obviously caught in his cup holder. I reached for the cup holder and pretended to hand the cow to Sawyer, and he immediately quit and was very relieved. He goes to the back door all the time and says, "Come in, cows. Here's some hay." It's pretty amusing!
PS-We're also potty-trained/outdoor potty-trained. I caught him yesterday naked as a jaybird outside. He had pulled off his shorts and underwear because he had to tee-tee.


Saturday, August 1, 2009

"It's Fun to ME!"

One of Sawyer's favorite things to "It's fun to MEEEE!" OR "It tastes good to MEEEE!" Well, today was "Fun to MEEE!" :)
I have a WHOLE new appreciation for heavy equipment. Sawyer Williams has a slight OBSESSION with all tractors, cranes, dumptrucks, excavators, combines, etc, so this morning at 6:30 while I was getting dressed I heard some kind of heavy machinery outside my bathroom window. I, as his mama-naturally get WAY excited! I asked Sawyer if he wanted to go look, and low and was septic tank installation day at the house next door they've just built. HOT DOG! Ohhhh...The makings of a good day! A crane AND a big back hoe!! What more could you ask for??
So, we watched for a good 30 minutes. Then, packed up and headed to Clayton, Alabama where I hit the jackpot of a consignment sale! I'm not kidding! I bought three bags of clothes-all of which I'm SUPER excited about!!! For those of you who know me know I'm a tad on the cheap side....but I do enjoy nice clothes-consignment sales are a PERFECT fit for me! LOTS of winter clothes for Sawyer-nice Polos and khakis and a few dressy outfits for little E too! So, that was highlight #2 to my day.
Highlight #3 came when Granny Beck offered to babysit so Walker and I could go fishing -what? what? ALONE??? Yes, we did! I DO LOVE MY HUSBAND, and I have learned to REALLY appreciate the time I get to hang out with him (especially since it doesn't happen often). I realize the more I get to hang out with him, the more we like each other. When I don't get to hang out with him, I REALLY wish I could and how much I need to. So, "That was fun to ME!"
Highlight #4 came when I FINALLY caught a fish!! (I am not the best fisherwoman, but I LOVE to catch them!!! I get REALLY excited to pull them in!)
Highlight #5 came when Papa Pitt pulled up with a truckload of boys and Aunt D! I enjoyed my time alone with Walker, but I was ready for Sawyer to enjoy the fishing enjoyment too, so I was glad he and his two boy cousins had arrived! Plus, I like Aunt D a lot, and I was glad to get to visit with her...
All in all, my kind of day! Thank you, Lord!