Thursday, April 24, 2008


Sarah tagged me about a week ago, and I feel pretty sure she thought I would have definitely posted my "tagged post" by without further ado...Here it is! A little personal reflection by Ashley Williams (while Sawyer snoozes)..

What was I doing 10 years ago?
I was a senior at Hartselle High School. Allyson and I were going to aerobics about 3 times a week at the Hartselle Civic Center getting ready for our upcoming Senior Trip in PCB! I know I was working at the Hartselle Pool some too getting the pool ready to open, and I bet getting things ready to go to Auburn too! Life was easy-peasy! Very fun, very carefree living!

5 Things on my To-Do list Today:
1. Finish cleaning my house
2. Go to the grocery store! We are out of EVERYTHING, which was okay for me and Walker, but you kind of have to go when you have a 1-year old! I do feel a little guilty when we run out of milk, and I had to feed him rice cereal last night b/c there weren't other options!
3. The appraiser man is coming this afternoon.
4. GO WALKING! I should have gone this morning. It's getting pretty warm outside.
5. Watch The Office tonight with Walker! We love TV on Thursday nights!

5 Snacks I Enjoy:
1. Grapes (they're my favorite)
2. Fudgesicles
3. Apples
4. a chocolate & oats Fiber One bar-Most days it's my breakfast, but sometimes it's a snack
5. Lately...I've been popping a bag of popcorn for us at night...Mainly b/c supper has been very minimal (no groceries) and we've been hungry at night (hence, why I HAVE to go grocery shopping today)

5 Things I Would Do if I was a Billionaire:
1. I would buy a BIG lake house...Preferably on Smith Lake-Big enough for LOTS of family and friends with nice boats and fun toys of course
2. Try to relocate my family and Allyson and Wes to North Alabama-I don't know how this would work exactly, but I'm sure that kind of money would make it possible! :)
3. I'd give a lot to church, my parents, Allyson-whoever else might need a little!
4. I'd buy Walker a lot of land! He'd love it! This would be a definite anyway if I want #2 to come true.
5. I'd buy myself a dog! :) b/c I'd have lots of land to let him play!
6. I should invest-I'm sure too!

5 Bad Habits
1. Too much Oprah! I just have always enjoyed her show, so I'd hurry home to see it or avoid things I could be doing to watch. With this whole "A New Earth" thing that she has going on though, I'm doing my best to avoid watching. I do enjoy the light-hearted shows, but I think enough's enough...
2. I let things go too far...for example, why have I not been to the grocery store yet? I should have been Monday!
3. I'm messy! Wish I was neater!
4. I go around barefoot WAY too much...therefore, I have really hard feet!
5. I'm not the best at returning phone calls. I'm sorry about this! I do enjoy catching up with friends, but I'd prefer to do it while driving these days since most of my time is occupied with Sawyer. I talk to Allyson and Katie a pretty good bit on the phone, so I feel like I'm on the phone a lot, and it's hard to keep up with everyone I'd like to as often as I'd like!

5 Places I've Lived:
1. 50 Spring Valley Trail Hartselle, AL-the only house I ever lived in until I was 18.
2. Auburn-Dowell Hall in "the cave" my first year with Allyson, then moved on up to Hollifield Hall. Then, lived in a fun house on Ross Street in Auburn with some of my favorite people! Loved it!
3. Woodsprings Apartments on 280 in B'ham RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO TARGET! I lived there with Al for a year right after we graduated
4. Samford University-Beeson Woods-VERY RANDOM! But it was a blessing! I was able to live there and eat for FREE while I went back to school at UAB! I was a Senior RA-the only housing employee that didn't go to Samford...I think it was a good experience to be an "outsider" for the first time.
5. 215 Sanford Road-Our current residence for the past 4 years and for 2 more weeks. This house was built in 1939, and it has lots of character. We'll miss our first little home!

5 Jobs I've Had
1. Lifeguard and Swim Instructor at the Hartselle Pool-Walker thinks I can't tell a story without talking about "the pool"! :)
2. Counselor at Camp Maranatha for 2 summers-loved it too!
3. Cart Girl at RTJ golf courses in Auburn and Birmingham-my second day on the job in b'ham I flipped the cart and had to be xrayed! B'ham had lots more hills than AU...It wasn't a "prestigious" job, but the $ was excellent!
4. Sales Rep for Advantage Golf in Birmingham right after Auburn
5. 3rd grade teacher at Greenville Elementary and 5th grade teacherat Andalusia Elementary

I want to know more about (a nice way of saying "I'm tagging"):
1. Shonna Reeves
2. Beth Colvin
3. Lyndsay Elliott
4. Kristen Wiggins
5. Jennifer Earnest

Craziness Around Here

Between the appraiser calling, bank people calling, and the movers calling this morning, you'd think we're going somewhere. This moving thing is keeping me busy today! What's a girl to do? Well, I'm headed to Pensacola tomorrow and Saturday. We're closing on this house Monday, so doesn't this sound like a good weekend to fly the coop?? I'm going to an Extraordinary Women's Conference with ladies from church, and Walker is headed to Clayton with Sawyer to turkey hunt and for back-up support while I'm out of town. We'll get it all done...I'm sure!

Our other exciting news is that Katie and Scott, who have lived a LONNNNNNNNNG way away for the past 8 years are moving back to Alabama this week with my PRECIOUS nieces! My dad is in the air as we speak flying out to Cali, so he can drive one of their cars cross country. They have lots of stops planned on the way. We expect them in about a week. I'm REALLY EXCITED that they will be so much closer, and Grace will start school in Hartselle in the fall.
Welcome Home, Braddock Family! :)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hooray For Spring!

Good Grief! I love this weather! It has been such a fun week! We had a picnic out at Open Pond with our church friends on Wednesday, went to Enterprise to visit our house and to the park on Thursday with my friend Jennifer and her boys, and today we went to John Luke's first birthday party. Sawyer and I have just been playing! That's both of our favorite thing-just ask Walker! :) I am sooooooooo not into cooking and cleaning, so whenever we can go...we're ready!
I have been feeling really good all week too, so that's been nice! I go to the doctor for my first ultrasound on Monday. We also go back for Sawyer's checkup on Monday, so Walker took the day off. Looks like we'll be closing on this house April 28th and closing on our new house April 30th or so. Then, I'm planning a mongo yard sale that I am extremely excited about!

Here are a few pictures from our week...

ps...I changed my mind about the playlist. I missed the music! ESPECIALLY when I saw that the song that was suppose to be playing when I was on the blog this time was Trace Atkins' song "You're Going to Miss This." I love that sweet song! Makes me cry though...EVERY Time I hear it! It's a little ridiculous! I know I'm a little more emotional right now than usual, but I even cried at the show, "The Office," the other day when Jim said he had bought Pam a ring. Does anyone else enjoy that show? I think it's hilarious-not a crying-type show at all! I know I'm ridiculous!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Risdon!

Our sweet, little nephew, Risdon, had his birthday party Sunday afternoon, so we couldn't miss it! We left after church and made it just in time for ice cream sundaes! Risdon's house is toyland, so Sawyer LOVED it! The little kids walked around and played, and the big kids hung out in the tree pretty much the whole time!

PS-I turned the autoplay off on my playlist. I use to enjoy those songs, but I've about played them to death. They're still there though if anyone wants to listen.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Just for fun

Thursday, April 3, 2008

We're Doing Good!

Sawyer's surgery went really well yesterday. The doctor had told us he had "glue ear," and yesterday after he did the surgery he said his ears were full of cement. So, the doctor thought the surgery was much needed. He also said his adenoids were very large, and they definitely needed to come out too. It was good to hear that we'd done the right thing!
We brought Sawyer home, and he ate like a champ! Then, we put him to bed and he slept pretty much ALL day. When he was awake, he was happy. I can tell he's walking better already.
Aunt D sent balloons, and they were a hit! I bought some jello for him, so I think Sawyer thought it was his birthday between the balloons and jello!
Thank you for all your prayers! They worked!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

We're Getting Tubes Tomorrow

I have a prayer request for Sawyer. He's getting tubes put in his ears and his adenoids taken out in the morning (Wednesday) about 7:30. He's had many ear infections and been congested all his life, so the doctor thinks this should clear up both our problems. Anyway...If you read this, please say a prayer that everything will go smoothly for him. Thanks!
I also wanted to share pictures from our weekend with my parents in Hartselle. My daddy will tell you all day that Sawyer gets his good looks from him! He may be right! :) They're both pretty handsome fellas!

Allyson and Wes didn't make it to Hartselle on this trip. They had a "ball" to go to with Wes's work. She called Saturday, and they were going out on their boat to watch an air show before the big ball. How fun is that??? They're living a slightly different life than the Williams these days! Anyway...thought she looked beautiful, so I'd share a picture! :)

This is one of Sawyer's favorite things to do...pretend like he's driving Walker's truck. It is the greatest toy we have!