Friday, November 5, 2010

"Feels like I'm falling for Fall..."

OH!  I fell like I'm falling for fall
I'm not prevaricating
Nor am I exaggerating
Fall has got me in its grasp, it must be said.

Autumn's such a plasin' season 
You must see all the trees in
Their blazing colors: orange, gold and red.

Should I write fall a love letter
Telling how I feel better
Every time the season comes around each year?

Or  maybe I'll just go on 
'bout how nature puts a show on
As a prelude to all kinds of holiday cheer!

I feel like I'm falling for fall
There are feelings of elation
Mixed with some anticipation
When I think of all the fun there is in store!

And my heart just gets to thumpin' 

Thinkin' bout piles of leaves I'll jump in
It's no wonder that it's autumn I adore!

I love it!!  I think Moose & Zee could have included a verse about how my Auburn Tigers play in the fall, and we'd have one of the best songs ever! 
Thank you, God, for fall!!! 
We've been celebrating the harvest season around here with a few fall activities! 
I bought the boys Spiderman costumes the end of September, and they've had them on almost everyday since.  I can't believe they lasted until Halloween, but happened! 

I like how when a child puts on a costume, they really think they are SPIDER-MAN!

This was day #1 in their costumes.  They think they're pretty hot stuff!

Sawyer went with Walker to help Papa Pitt pick cotton several weeks ago.  To say Sawyer loved it is an understatement! 

Walker let him "drive" the cotton picker.  (He pushed the lever from slow to faster), so Sawyer likes to say he "drove" it!

I didn't like the tennis shoes look with the costumes, so we bought women's red socks at Wal-Mart and wore those over our tennis shoes on Halloween night.  Eli called them his boots. 

These are some HAPPY kids about to ride the hayride around our neighborhood.  I L-O-V-E that we did this again!  Did you notice Aubie in the picture??  ;)  Too cute!

Trick-or-Teating at the Home of the Toy Story folks

We went to the Peanut Festival opening night and these 2 characters had fun!  All 3 boys had  a blast seeing the cows, eating corndogs and riding rides. 

This is Eli, Sawyer, and Caleb all on the train. 
 Happy Fall Y'all!!   I'm looking forward to my little nephew's arrival any day!!