Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Another One...Full-Speed Ahead!!

We've added a new "walker" to the family this week! My baby is WALKING! 12 months and 2 weeks into life...Eli is walking! :) He actually took his first steps the night before his first birthday party, but since then, he has really gotten the hang of it. (I guess he found out Caleb was walking and thought he better get on the ball!) The last few days he's been pulling up on something, really thinking about it, and then letting go with a destination in mind. Today, he's taken about 20 steps solo before he falls. I think that qualifies him as a full-fledge walking machine!

(The jay bird shot is for Allyson and Katie who think I never put clothes on my children.)
In other news....Did y'all know I'm raising a genius? ;) I took Eli for his 1-year checkup, and I told the doctor about how Eli WILL NOT let me feed him. He's been strictly a finger-food eater since he was 11 months old. Therefore, if it's food that requires a spoon (applesauce, yogurt, baby food, etc), we don't do it. So, anyway...at first the dr seemed concerned, but he asked a few questions like -does he walk holding onto things? -Can he say a few words? The answer to all those questions is yes, so Dr. Bang explained his guess for this is that he's developing his sense of autonomy at an early age, so he thinks Eli will either be very stubborn OR very intelligent. I'm going with choice #2 and holding onto that. After all, his head is in the 97th percentile! I told Walker about that, and he was excited and started calling him his doctor.

E's other big accomplishment was he made his FIRST trip to Auburn this past weekend (where I'm sure he'll do his undergaduate work before going on to medical school) to join his cousin and future roommate. We enjoyed our day despite not going to the game. It's just fun to be in Auburn. I LOVE that place!

Sawyer's big news is he made his farming debut. He went to Clayton a few days last week to help Walker. Walker took off work a few days to go help his dad and brother pick cotton, so Sawyer got to ride in the cotton picker AND "drive" the tractor. I wish I had pictures to share! He was even paid for his day on the job! I'm just glad they were able to pull him away and got him to come home! HE LOVED IT!ps-I ordered my first "blog book," and for those of you who are interested in, I really like mine! I used "blog2print.com" and it was EASY. I am very pleased! My only complaint is that some of the captions for my pictures did not print beside the picture, but I think that's minor. Maybe I'll get another blog book in about 5 more years.

Monday, November 2, 2009


This Halloween was probably my favorite of all time! Who knew I liked Halloween so much?? BUT...When you have a two-year-old that loves candy in general and combine that with his friends and a hayride, Sawyer was about to BURST with excitement. He was a proud cowboy and even more proud of his little cow! :) He'd say, "Awwww...Eli looks SOOOOOOOOO CUTE!"
Growing up, we never lived in a neighborhood, and I was jealous of our friends who did on Halloween. So, we took advantage of "neighborhood life" and had our friends come join us to trick-or-treat. The Woodalls graciously brought a BIG trailer-large enough for all of us and the hay. After everyone got here, I took Sawyer to the potty, and he kept saying, "All my friends came to see me trick-or-treat!!" He was beyond excited!!

Getting Ready to Go

Mickey Mouse, the cow, the cowboy, Minnie Mouse, the doctor, and WoodyWoody & his sweet mama
Tucker & Sawyer

Aren't they cute!?!

on our way to "GET MORE CANDY!"