Friday, September 30, 2011

Cotton Pickin'

My boys skipped school and went to Clayton to pick cotton with their daddy yesterday.  It might as well have been Christmas (for the boys and for their daddy)! They were SO EXCITED!  Eli rode with Walker on the tractor "mowing stalks," and told me he fell asleep riding the tractor with Daddy.  Sawyer rode in the cotton picker with Papa Pitt and then helped Michael "smash" the cotton.   They LOVED it, and I'm glad to know this will most likely be an every year occurence for them.  I hope Papa Pitt and Uncle Pitt will put them to work pretty often.  When either one of them complained that it was hot this summer when they were helping do something, Walker would tell me "I need to take those boys to Clayton (to work).  They're getting soft!"  haha!  I appreciate some hard-working boys, and I pray they will grow up with an appreciation of hard work too!  For now, they're more than glad to be able to "work" with Daddy!  Walker and Beck-Beck snapped a few pictures for me of my boys and of Risdon.  I'm sure when they go to work Risdon will be right there with them.  I had a lovely day alone in Dothan shopping.  :)  Then, Sissy, Caleb and Hayes surprised us with a visit last night.  It was a short visit, but man pppppuhhhlease....I like them being here!!  Caleb talks 90 to nothing and laughs all the time!!  DOLL FACES!  Thanks for coming, Brown-brown! 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Grandparents' Day

Sawyer and Eli had Grandparents' Day at preschool on Tuesday.  They were SO EXCITED that Papa Pitt, Beck-Beck and Grandmama were coming!!  I really, really love my in-laws and appreciate them so much!!   I loved them pre-kids and knew they were extra special people, but there's nothing like people who LOVE your kiddos like they do!! :)   Unfortunately, my parents couldn't make it because they are renovating their house, but Sawyer and Eli were well-represented with grandparents! 
Here's Papa Pitt with Eli's cute teacher, Mrs. Beth

Eli and his SWEET great-grandmother, "Grandmama"

At the Grandparents' Reception
Afterwards, we came back to our house and ate my first-ever attempt at chicken salad....which SURPRISINGLY ENOUGH was really good!!  It was a fun day for sure!