Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!!

We had a wonderful Easter weekend!  It was pretty much perfect!  We went to an Easter Egg hunt at the park, went to a birthday party, cooked out with friends, Sawyer and Eli inherited a four-wheeler, went to church, Praised the Lord!, was overwhelmed several times about my Savior's sacrifice on the cross!!!, hunted Easter eggs, went swimming, ate lots of good food, and visited with family.  (I missed the Brown family, but I was glad to get to hang out with the Williams' crew!)  Here are a few pictures from our weekend.
Thank You, Kelly McCarley!!

My friend, Lori, let me borrow her icing tip to make the icing look like grass, but apparently, I am not cut out for cake decorating.  My grass had to be spread with a knife.  Oh well!! 

This is Sawyer and his amazing Sunday School teacher.  She always has something special for them planned.

These are some of my sweet first grade kids that Walker & I have in our Sunday School class.

CUTE, SWEET Kiddos! 

Playing Hide & Seek in the Front Yard while Eggs are Hidden in Backyard

Sawyer, Eli and Risdon were given a designated area to find their eggs in

They found A TON of eggs/candy!! Now...what do I do with all of it? 

Sweet Dyson slept the whole time



Gracie, Mikey and Sadie looking HARD for the golden egg.  (They were finally told where it was-a red egg hidden in the rose bushes...I couldn't have found it either!)

Checking out his loot

My handsome fellas!



Dyson and Aunt D

Dyson, Grandmama, and Granny Beck (aka Beck-Beck)

Eli was over the camera at this point! :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Because I Don't Want to Forget....

Warning:  This post is Extremely Random & all about my kids.  I'm just a doting Mama, so be forewarned that I just wrote this for the sake of my memory. 

Time keeps passing, and I am becoming a terrible blogger!   Seems like I'm busier lately, but life is good, and I want to at least post pictures, because I realize this is one of my sweetest times in life so far, and I don't ever want to forget how fun it is! 
That two-year-old above is a character.  He likes to squeeze my cheeks, and scrunch his face...he's intense!  Dr. Bang told me the other day that Eli, "he's not like Walker."  He said, "Sawyer is like Walker...calm, sweet!  Eli is like you, Ashley!"  I don't think it was necessarily meant as a compliment to me or exactly the truth.  It did crack me up though! 
For those of you that know my husband really well, he's not always calm and mild mannered.  In fact, most of the time he's the instigator for the noise level in my house being off the charts.  I'm the "Let's calm down and go to bed boys."  He's the "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"  "BOO!"  Run around the house and chase each other until you run into something and injur yourself-kind of Daddy.  (This is one of the many reasons I like having him around!!) 
Like this....Sure boys...Dance & Jump all over the beds....

"Go Crazy, Go Crazy!"

Some of these pictures are random, but I felt like I should include a picture of my boys in their car seats.  These are a familiar sight to me, and I know before I know it...they'll outgrow these things.  (Unless you really ride in a car seat until you're like 100 lbs which may be the case-I don't know.)

I like this picture!!  I don't remember what's he laughing out, but I love to see him laugh!  This kid is no longer a 4-year-old tee ball player.  He much prefers the dirt and a shovel right now, so his daddy and I didn't push it.  I need to make him a shirt "Born to Dig"! 

Eli is following in his brother's footsteps, and he appreciates a good pile of dirt and a shovel as much as the next little boy!  He might be more of a ball player, but his partner in crime is busy in the dirt, so Eli digs away too. 

This is my sweet family (in the backyard -in the dirt)!  haha!  And I am pretty much giving y'all an update on what we've been doing around here for the past month!! :) 

Walker took this of Eli.  He enjoyed how much Eli was diggin' his steak! :)

Walker said on the way home from church today that Eli is a little version of him at that age.  Sawyer was trying to sleep, and Eli kept talking to him.  Sawyer said, "Eli, quit yelling."  Eli would say, "Wake up, Awyer, Wake up, Awyer."  Me: "Eli, leave Sawyer alone." So in a whisper....Eli: "Wake up, Awyer!" 
He's a dumpling and a rascal!!  ;)

I am so crazy thankful that my boys have LOTS of sweet cousins!!!  Here's Sadie & Sawyer on the trampoline.  He loves her-just like they do all their cousins!  Hope they will always be close!

Here's Sawyer & Risy-Ris at Risdon's 4th Birthday Party.  Risdon had none other than a Dukes of Hazard Party.

Here's Dyson at the Party :)

We added some plants and seeds to what we've been calling our garden for the past couple of years.  Walker saved a little room that is reserved for diggin' only, so we'll see how our plants do!

Do you think these two will be able to be confined to their little corner area of the garden?  We will see!!

Sawyer had an Easter Egg hunt last Thursday at his school.  So, of course, Eli had to get his basket out too!! 

I love this picture!!  They are definitely in random order, but this is one of my favorites!!

Quick memory for Sawyer at this age....The other day, Walker pointed out a little something in the crack of the back patio.  Sawyer said, "Yeah.  That's a chrysalis.  A butterfly or moth will come out of it."  We were like "WHAT the what?"  A chrysalis?  (I mean-I've heard the word, but it's not in my everyday vocabulary.)  He told me he saw it on Wild Krats on (his favorite). 

I need to video this kid explaining something.  His head moves 5 million times to the left and right while he gets it out.  I can't help but laugh at EVERYTHING he says because of the way he says it.  I had to walk out of the doctor's office the other day because  I was laughing so hard at the all of the faces he was making while Dr. Bang was listening to his heart.

Sweet Sawyer sharing his candy from the Easter Egg Hunt with his Favorite Brother! :)

I could eat them up!