Friday, March 4, 2011

Marry Me, Mama??

Walker worked late last Thursday night which is VERY unusual.  We went to Sawyer's tee-ball practice, came home, ate supper, took a bath, and got ready for bed without him.  The whole night made me so thankful that he's rarely ever not here for all this and realize how much fun he adds to our nightly routine.  Anyway...after I got the boys out of the bathtub Sawyer says, "Mama, I have to ask you something (in a very serious voice)."  He said, "If Daddy dies, who will be your husband?"  I'm, what a morbid thought, but say, "I don't know baby" as I go on and fold the towels on the bed.  Sawyer says, "Can I be your husband, Mama?"  I smile and think he's precious for asking, but say..."No, you wouldn't be my husband, because you're my son." 
THAT was the absolute WRONG thing to say apparently!  My sweet boy covers his face, looks pitiful, and starts to cry.  I try and reassure him..."You're my son, baby.  You couldn't be my husband and my son."  He's not liking this answer.  Bless him!  He runs to his room, cries, and says "You hurt my feelings, Mama!  I'm not going to come see you when I get big.  I'm moving to Texas." 
I feel like a moron for hurting his sweet feelings, so finally I tell him, "Okay, Sawyer, you can be mama's husband!"  Bless him!! :) 
Most days he tells me he wants to buy the house next door to us when he gets big, and that he'll come see us and grill some chickens on Sundays!  :) 
LOVE that kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!