Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hi! :)  I'm not sure where to start...So, for the sake of time...let's catch up with pictures for now. 

Sawyer's "Little Blessings" Class at HBC. 

Last Day of Little Blessings

We went to Hartselle to celebrate Caroline's 2nd Birthday...She's as precious as they come!!

Eli at the Splash Park in Hartselle

Me & My Big Boy after Mother's Day reception at Sawyer's "School"

Some of the Browns

what they do after Walker gets home from work...work on our garden.  I'm not sure who's enjoyed it the most this year.  :)

We REALLY like when Cabub is here!

and the Martin boys (Luke, above) came to play one day....a HUGE TREAT!!!

Ford Martin (Sarah's 1st child) on the waterslide

Sawyer loves his future roommate! ;)

Eli really likes his too!! 

My hubby and I celebrated our anniversary in  PCB...7 years in!