Sunday, August 31, 2008

War Eagle!

In honor of the Auburn Tigers, Sawyer wore this Auburn outfit to church today. I thought he was cute! He had a fantastic time in the nursery. Then, we went to Subway for lunch and made friends, because while I ordered the food, he and Walker sat down at the table. Sawyer kept turning around in his high chair to wave and say, "Hi!" to this friendly, older couple. They thought he was cute and started to share their chips with him while he waited on me to bring food. The more we talked, we found out they were transplants from New Orleans to Enterprise from Hurricane Katrina. They said they lived 9 miles from the beach, but they had 30-feet waves at their house. SEVERAL people in their neighborhood were killed, because they didn't evacuate. How scary! Just a reminder to say a prayer for the people in the path of Gustav. I know God's in control, but I'm sure those people would appreciate our prayers.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Darby's T-shirt Designs

I know a lot of you already read my friend Darby's blog, but in case you don't or you've missed her last post, she is now making t-shirts. I think they're PRECIOUS!!!!

You can CLICK HERE for more info or to learn how to order.

Friday, August 15, 2008

1 1/2 Today!

My baby turned 1 1/2 today...I still can't get over how much I love this kid! I have loved every stage of him, but he's my favorite right now! I can only imagine what life will be like a year from now...(or 5 years from now)! Here's a few of my favorites to show how he's grown.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Believe it OR Not...

Yesterday morning I got up about 7:30. Beth and John Luke were coming, so I poured some coffee and was going to straighten up my living room. All of a sudden, I saw something huge running through my backyard. When I looked, it was none other than a big deer. I ran to the front window, and it stood still across the street for a minute. OF COURSE, I wanted to get a picture of this deer, so I ran to get my camera. As soon as I came back, it ran away...I did see it cross back over the road in a few minutes though.
Anyway...I was excited! I knew Walker would be too, so when he got home last night, I told him the story. Walker, Sawyer and I had to go see if we could find the deer tracks that it left. We walked around a good 15 minutes looking for a track. We didn't see any, so Walker (very lovingly) KEPT telling me that I'd made this whole story up.
Well....probably about 30 minutes after we had rewalked the deer's path, Sawyer was in the pool and Walker was playing basketball with their backs to the woods. I was sitting under the fans on the back porch (like a lazy pregnant girl). WHEN....ALL OF A SUDDEN...That deer hops over the fence in our backyard. I told Walker to look-and sure enough-he and Sawyer saw it too! It quickly jumped back over...but it was exciting while it lasted. Sawyer said, "more-more!"
Now I didn't actually grow up "in town" but we NEVER had a deer, turkey or armadillo in our backyard. So, all of this is a little exciting to me! :)

John Luke and Beth arrived about 8:30. WE HAD A FANTASTIC TIME with them! Her camera is about 50x's better than mine, so if you want to see all her pictures, CLICK HERE. I'll add a few of these sweet friends. Sawyer and John Luke are SO SWEET playing together! They are both such fun, sweet boys! I'm glad they have each other! Just wish we still got to see them all the time!

Don't they look like they love each other?!?!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Playing Basketball & Pirates

We got our new basketball goal set up last week, and it's a hit with Walker and Sawyer. When Sawyer wants to shoot, Walker lowers it with the broom handle and lets him. He's a sweet daddy, because so far that basketball goal has been lowered and raised about 500 times! Thought I'd share a few pictures.

Saturday was Little Mikey's 4th birthday. He had a VERY FUN, pirate birthday party at Granny Beck and Papa Pitt's gazebo and pool. All the kids got swords and eye patches. Sawyer and I enjoyed the pirate cake and the pool! He loved all those kids being in the pool and didn't stop smiling the whole time.

Risdon & Sawyer with the Birthday Boy

Sawyer Jumping In! (He'd say "more-more")

Risdon doesn't like the pool as much as Sawyer :(

A View of the Pool

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Party for 3!

One of the many reasons that I love my sweet, crazy husband is the fact that he can sing every word to Shania Twain's song, "A Party for Two"! AND not only does he sing it-but man please, he gets into it as much as ol' Al Brown would...and that's a lot!
Yesterday my dear husband turned 31 years old. He had already found a DQ cake with his name on it Tuesday night. He NEVER looks in the freezer, but of course, when there was a surprise inside, he found anyway...he knew a party was in the works. Here's the email I got from him yesterday while he was at work....

We're havin a party.......lalalalalalala..........and I think I can come. Gonna be lots of cake and surprises.......lalalalala.......sure sounds like fun.

I'll be there a little after 5:00

the b-day boy

He had a couple of presents to open yesterday morning, and his big one, which was a basketball goal, when he got home from work. His dad asked him if he was turning 2, because he got a big toy for his birthday. It TOTALLY suits him though, and I'm glad about that! I do enjoy playing myself, and I'm thankful for a husband that likes it at least equally as much (Probably More)!! Thought I'd share a couple of pictures of the big day!

In case you can't tell, Walker's holding up the 3 and Sawyer has up the 1 for 31. Walker's parents took a picture like this with him every year. :)

On another note, I have my very own first testimonial of being in "The Grocery Game" to share. I went to Walgreens to do a little discount shopping today. I bought a pack of pens for 9 cents and 4 packs of batteries for 99 cents each.
I got lots of other stuff like 2 bottles of ammonia, 2 packs of fruit cups, 2 cans of starch, 2 bottles of Dawn, plus more. Anyway, I spent $25.07. My total savings was $16.72, and I'm just in week one. That was just with the Walgreens coupons out of this Sunday's paper. I could have saved a lot more if I'd had been doing this longer. I'll have to share more as my savings increase for those interested.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Eli's Shower

Have I ever mentioned how nice my friends in Andalusia are? They had a diapers and wipes shower for Mendy Clark and me last night at Kristen Wiggins' house. When I got home last night about 10:30, Walker's reaction to the loot in my car was, "I've never met so many generous people!"
IT WAS SO SUPER NICE! Thank you girls! Little Eli got lots of CUTE things and lots of practical diapers and wipes! I didn't know he was going to have much with HIS name on it, but my sweet friends have now made sure he will have things that are just his own too.
I had a fantastic time seeing all my "old" friends and getting to chat! Going back to Andalusia sure made me miss it! I hated to leave, and I am so thankful for them! I had a blast! Thank you so much!
"The Honorees" Me and Mendy (who's due the beginning of September)

"The Hostesses" Lyndsay Elliott, Shonna Reeves and Kristen Wiggins


Mendy, Shonna, Heather & Rachel, DeAnne, Suzanne, Allie & Sara Beth

Sara Beth, Kristen, Lyndsay and Sandra

To see all the pictures from the shower, click here.

A View of Eli's "Stuff" in the Closet! What a good feeling! :)