Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Trip of "Sweat & Muscle"

Walker went on his Costa Rica mission trip back in January.  He will tell you it was a life-changing experience.  Five (country boys) men with an agriculture background went to the southern Costa Rica mountains to teach the Guyami people, an Indian tribe that is secluded to their reservation, how to grow vegetables.  They live on a diet of mainly rice and beans, so they went to teach them how to nourish their bodies, but of course, they also went to teach them how Jesus can nourish their souls.  This is a tribe and place where many still don't know the name of Jesus, so a family from Texas has moved down there to love on these people and build relationships with them, and hopefully, reach them with the gospel.  Our church and another one from Texas have teamed up with this family to help.
Walker loved the people there!  He said they were genuinely kind people that would help them with whatever they needed.  Here are a few pictures of his trip.  He spoke at his friend Bob's church last week, and I SHOULD HAVE recorded it!  You can tell he truly enjoyed serving.  They built two gardens.  They were able to use a tiller on one big garden, but the other, they needed to clear 15 feet of overgrowth (lots of banana trees) in order to have a spot for the garden, because they weren't able to get the tiller down to where this garden was to be planted.  I'm anxious to see how it looks today!  I pray these Guyami people will be able to enjoy "the fruits of their labor" soon!

I bought Walker this funny-looking hat before he left.  I thought he was going to be outside working near the equator a few days, we needed to protect his head! :)  I think he missed his ball cap....but anyway...

He said the landscape was BEAUTIFUL!! 

this little "pavilion" is their church.  It was the ag team's "hotel" on the mountain. 

They cooked all of their meals in this one pot over the fire.

They each had their own room! :)

I think this is where Trey is laughing, because this is the spot where he and Walker are going to clear to build a garden. 

church on Sunday morning

The 18-feet crocodiles off the bridge.
This post and the small amount of pictures do not do the trip justice, but I wanted to share a little.  Our church is sending another team next month...pretty neat!  Praying for these people to come to know Jesus.