Friday, May 29, 2009

7 months old...

My youngest baby turned 7 months old this week. Eli is a happy child. REALLY! Sawyer was happy, but Eli is so much more content with everything. It AMAZES me how he'll just smile and talk in the backseat with no form of entertainment. He rarely cries, and if he is crying, he's hungry or fighting sleep. I really feel blessed to be his mama. I love getting to know him more as time goes by. He's finally into baby food. For a couple of months, I thought Eli just wasn't going to be a fan of food. He definitely is now though-squash and sweet potatoes are his favorites. He's not quite crawling, but he rolls everywhere he wants to go and can scoot up to something if he wants it. He LOVES the water and Sawyer, so yesterday (and today) were really good days. I thought I'd post a video to show you "tolerance" in action. I wish I had captured "brotherly love" in action, but as I videoed, Eli looks like he's just being tolerant of his older brother splashing water in his face.

I love these boys! I love how close they are in age. I love how they keep me busy! I love how when I tuck Sawyer in the bed he says, "I love you, Mama." AHHHHH! :)
Today was a good day. Can you tell? We've been to Granny Beck's to the pool all day today, and we had such a good time that we're going back tomorrow.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Retirement & Happy Baby!

Last week, Allyson, Caleb, Sawyer, Eli and I all traveled to Hartselle to celebrate my mom's retirement. They had a reception for her at school, so we couldn't miss it. We stayed up there until Wednesday morning, and then came home. THANKFULLY, Allyson and Caleb decided they'd just hang out with us for a couple more days. I was really glad they chose to stick around with us! Sawyer hopped in her car when it was time for them to go, because he wanted to go home with them. I had to pull him out of the car.

While they were here we had a baby shower for my friend, Beth. She's expecting a girl this time, so Kristen and I planned a shower for her at David's Catfish in Andalusia. It was REALLY fun just to get to go hang out with friends for a night. We decided we may have to start our get-togethers at 6 am instead of 6 pm, so we have more time to visit. We always seem to have to go before we run out of conversation, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself while we were there. Here are a few pictures from the week!
(I also THOUGHT I had Sawyer potty-trained, but he has proven me wrong the past couple of days with LOTS of messes! I'm not sure what happened, but I'm not giving up yet. We'll see!)

The Brown Family (minus Walker & Wes). Sawyer wanted to run around the library while the principal gave a speech. There were WAY too many teachers in the room for that, so we chose to hide in the back.

The Hostesses & Honoree -She looks FANTASTIC! Can't even tell she's pregant in this picture, can you?
Caleb and Eli kind of matched! :) Their mamas were playing dress up with them!
Allyson & Caleb with Mama
Grace & Sawyer, Granddaddy and Shelby

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Good Days!!

Since my last post, we had Eli dedicated. It was a REALLY good day. Eli was one of 15 or so babies dedicated. We go to a big church, so he'll have LOTS of church friends his age. We were proud to have a pew of supporters, and I had lunch for everybody here after church. My parents got here Saturday afternoon, so Mama was a big help pulling everything together and helping me make it look pretty. She's a fantastic cook, but she's also into the presentation of the meal. I appreciate that about her! I figure if there's ever a time to get out your silver bowls, having my baby dedicated on Mother's Day is a good reason! I LOVED it, and I'll plan to do that more often! I'm SAD that I didn't take more pictures! I don't have a family shot from Easter or from Eli's big day....that makes me a little sad, but I was too busy getting lunch ready to think of a picture. Am I terrible??
I got this big group shot off of Facebook. :) We're on the far right. We went in abc order.
I did get this cute shot of the ladies on Sunday chatting on the porch. Grandmama (who's sitting in the middle) was also celebrating her birthday. I think she's 84 and going strong!

We have been BLESSED with a nice house here in Enterprise, AL. We really like it, and for the past year, we have also REALLY enjoyed being the only ones back here! Although we only have an average size lot, we've felt like we had 20 acres back here to roam since we've been the only house in "Phase III" of the subdivision. Monday morning I heard them working outside, and I about cried as I watched them tear down most of the trees in the lot next to us...BUMMER! I'm sure when someone moves in, they'll be really good neighbors, but seeing as how we are outside ALL THE TIME, and...I know I am LOUD and pretty weird (just ask Allyson and Walker), I'm really considering a fence-especially since there will likely be construction workers next to us all summer....We'll see! I've never wanted a fenced-in backyard, but we may have to reconsider. ANYWAY....The perk of all this is that right now there is a big pile of dirt for my little two-year-old to climb on. HE LOVES IT! There's also an excavator in the lot next to us....Sawyer couldn't ask for more! He's OBSESSED!

Just a sidenote...Really...he is FUNNY! We have had a lemon cake in the fridge since the party Sunday. We asked him Tuesday night if he wanted a piece, he said no. Well, guess what the first word out of his mouth was Wednesday morning when I went to get him out of bed? Not..."Hey, Mama" or "Where's Eli?" (like normal)...just ...."Cake" Apparently, he'd thought/dreamed about it all night! I thought it was funny!

This is where we've been when we've been at home this week....

Eli likes the water as much as Sawyer.

Sawyer's showing him out to kick in Eli's kiddie pool.

My boys and I made a day trip to see Aunt Al today. I was feeling the need for a little vacation. It was the perfect day! There have been several times lately when Allyson and I had good intentions for a fun-filled day, but our children wouldn't exactly cooperate. They were pretty much little angels today (THANK GOODNESS!), and we really did have a fantastic time. Thanks, Sissy, for letting us enjoy Bay Pointe with you.

He got a little swim lesson from the pro. (that's allyson)

Isn't that a crazy nice pool. My favorite thing about it is the zero degree (is that what it's called) entry. Why don't they do this for more pools? It's perfect for kiddies! That's Caleb and Al enjoying the pool. He was loving it!

Peace Out, Homies!

Friday, May 8, 2009


I loved Julie's pictures the other day of her boys in the bathtub! Thought I'd give it a try with my own little bathing beauties!
Tonight was Eli's first time in the big bathtub with Sawyer. I'm happy to report they both survived! Sawyer did pour the cup of water on Eli's head as he told me he was washing his hair...Poor ol' Eli! :) He just smiled.

In other news....
I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED ABOUT THIS WEEKEND! Mama & Daddy, Allyson, Wes and Caleb are all coming to our house tomorrow. Eli is being dedicated at church on Sunday. So...Granny Beck, Papa Pitt, Aunt Jenn, Uncle Pitt, Gracie and Sadie are all coming too! I couldn't be more excited!!!
I told Jennifer that I cried (I know y'all are surprised) thinking about it the other day, but I am just so incredibly thankful that all of these people care enough about us to come see Eli be dedicated. Walker and I are really the ones pledging ourselves to raise Eli in a Christian home and to teach him about Jesus. I feel honored to be able to have this responsibility!
I know we are so blessed to have grown up in homes where we were taught about Jesus, and I'm so thankful that Eli will grow up in a family (including his extended family) that loves him and LOVES JESUS like I want him to. WE ARE BLESSED! Thank you, Lord! WHAT A FUN MOTHER'S DAY, huh?
We'll miss you, Aunt Katie and crew and Aunt D and crew!
I'll be sure to take lots of pictures!

Monday, May 4, 2009

6 months ago...

This little dollface was born! (actually he's about 6 mos. 1 week, but I'm a little busy around here!)
Eli is a happy baby! He smiles, flirts and will make goo-goo eyes at me that make me melt. Apparently, he does this to they ladies that work in the nursery at church too, because they LOVE Eli! He became an official sitter this weekend! He's very mobile because he's such a rolly-polly! I'm pretty proud to be his mama! :) Here's a few pictures of my boys.