Monday, November 14, 2011

Costa Rica

Guess who is going to Costa Rica?  Walker Williams!  My husband that hates to fly or leave his wife and kiddos is off to Costa Rica in January for an agricultural mission trip, and I am SO EXCITED for him!!  Our wonderful church is big on following Jesus and his commandments!  :)  Isn't that great!?!? 
So, Jesus told us to "go and tell," so Walker is facing his fear and trusting that God will take care of him to teach about Jesus and to teach some Costa Ricans how to make the best use of their cows and chickens. 
Last night Sawyer's prayer was, "Dear God, please keep Daddy safe on his way to Costa Rica, and I am so glad he is going to tell people about you!" 
I love these boys that live in my house and their heart for the Lord!  Just wanted to share our news! I'm excited to see how God is going to use Walker!  I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


The Friday before Halloween the boys had "Harvest Blessings" parties at school.  Sawyer went dressed as Spiderman (for the second year in a row).  Here he is with is preschool class singing "The 5 Little Pumpkins."  His part was "I'm ready for some fun!"  He said it with pride!  

Here they are eating their snack.  His slacker mama signed up for Cheese Puffs, but the cookies were really cute, so I'm inspired to do better at the Christmas Party!

Here's Eli with his class at his "Harvest Blessings" party! :)

Eli picked out his Aubie costume at Wal-Mart.  I was proud of Eli's choice, and Walker didn't say a thing.  I believe that boy is on the right track!  WAR EAGLE! At first, I was trying to talk them both into Mario and Luigi.  I told Eli Luigi would be "so funny."  He agreed, but every so often he'd say, "What I say I gonna be, Mama?"  I'd say, "Luigi."  He said, "Oh yeah, Luigi.  That be so funny, Mama."  :)  Sawyer had agreed to be Mario too, but I knew he would really rather be anyway I decided to let them choose..they were Spiderman and Aubie.   They both loved Hallowen!  Sawyer now wears his Spiderman costume with a belt, so he can strap on his sword and be "Bibleman."  If you're a mama of boys, you might want to check out the "Bibleman" videos by Tommy Nelson.  They're like Transformers that read the Bible.  I boys L-O-V-E it!  Sawyer checks out a movie from his "school" each week, and 9 times out of 10...we get one of the "Bibleman" videos.  I'm for it!

He's ready to trick-or-treat.  We did our regular tradition of trick-or-treating around our neighborhood with some sweet friends.  The kids and parents had fun on the hayride.  I made chili and pumpkin grilled cheese sandwiches, and we called it a night.

Tucker, Sawyer, Eli, Jon Ed and Tripp

Melanie and Cute Jace aka "Robin"

Jon and Jace

Some of our neighbors are way into the Halloween decorations.  This guy was not smoking or lit up when these boys walked up the sidewalk, and all of a sudden..."ahhhh...!" 

I wanted to get a picture of all of them with the scary guy.  Sawyer cooperated!  ;)

Eli doesn't exactly cooperate for photo shoots with his mama, but I stuck it in anyway! :)

Eli's Birthday Party

My baby turned three on October 26th, so we celebrated around here!   Eli wanted an Ernie party, but Ernie is not in widespread supply, so I planned a fall festival/Ernie party for my baby boy!  Eli is a fun-loving, silly, stubborn, joyful, happy, demanding, country precious boy, and there aren't words to describe how much I love that kid!!  We moved Eli from a toddler bed to a big-boy bed on his real birthday, but I couldn't bring myself to take out the glider in his room.  He still wants me to rock him at night, and I think he thinks his legs aren't working as well since he turned 3, because he has decided I should carry him an awful lot....but I oblige.  He's my baby, and anyone that knows this kid will tell you that he's got a way about him that will melt your heart-plus his sweet smile and dimple don't hurt his chances either!  Eli likes to sing, build tents, play with their train set, play with his horse, Strawberry, play ball, jump on the trampoline, wear his boots, play in the dirt, and loves his Daddy and bubby, aka-bubba.  He still calls Bubby, "Awyer."  If Walker leaves to go to work before Eli gets up, he cries, so we'll call Walker, and then, he'll be fine. 
He'll say, "Wanna play ____ with me, Mama?"  or "Can I help you please, Mama?"  (when I'm cooking, he's right under me.)  His favorite song is probably, "Only a boy named David" that Papa Pitt taught him.  I adore this kid!  I am blessed to be his Mama, and I pray for his heart!  Here are lots of pictures from his party....
Eli painting his pumpkin

Caleb painting



We had Ernie cupcake toppers on his cupcakes to help with the Ernie theme.

the backside of Katie (who I appreciate for making the trip for Eli's party), Daddy, Beck-Beck and Grandmama

me and E-E

little Mikey & Risdon

Dyson and Uncle Mikey

We had a BEAUTIFUL day for the party!  I made cider, because I thought it might be cold, but Sawyer selected shorts for the day, and he was fine!  Thank you, God, for a beautiful day! 

in line for pin the tail on the cow

Mikey playing

this was the "Birthday Prize Walk" -I should have taken the wind into account, because the plates kept moving, but I think they had fun when they all won a prize; My sweet neighbor came to paint faces too, but I failed to get a picture of her in action. 

the birthday boy and his pinata

taking a whack at that! :)

Ella Kate


Allyson and Wesley

Eli telling Papa Pitt thank you for his presents

Eli got a "Big Belly Bank" from Gmama and Granddaddy.  It is CUTE, and he spent the rest of the party asking for "moneys" to fill it up.

He had fun! 

Game Day

I'm playing catch up, but....Walker & I headed to Auburn to meet some of my favorite people and watch the Florida game.  The day before we planned to go, I sprained my ankle, but I was bound and determined to make it to the Plains.  We really enjoyed a great day in Auburn while Sawyer & Eli enjoyed playing with Beck Beck and Papa Pitt.  We got to eat lunch with this kid....

 She and I cracked oursleves up while Wes and Walker waited forever in line at the Barbeque House.   Then, we went to Lenzie's tailgate to meet up with these sweet girls....

 Of course....a MAJOR highlight for me is always seeing this face...
 Here's my sweet husband in his orange and blue! :)  I think he wears it well!
 Walker and I headed out after the game, so we woke up and took these boys fishing in Papa Pitt's pond.

We only caught one fish...not sure why....maybe it was because it was a hot time of the day, and the fish were all in the middle of the pond, and we were fishing off the bank. Maybe it was b/c we played hookey from church to take them fishing....but either way...a good time was had by all! :)