Saturday, December 29, 2007


We finally made it back from our Christmas visiting today. We had a fantastic time with the Browns and the Williams! We are really glad we got to go, and we are really glad we are back at home! Sawyer is a lot more into everything since we've gotten home. He's a little rascal! :) I tell him, "no" and he smiles at me like-"really, Mama??" Guess I'm going to have to get a little tougher now that he can really get into everything! Here's a little update on our Christmas! Hope you and your family had a great one!
This was taken Christmas Eve. Isn't my little man getting big?? He is so much fun! He made this Christmas my favorite so far! I love this little boy! It amazes me how much! The Lee Brown family was in charge of lighting the Christ Candle at church. Then, we and a couple of families from church went back to Mama and Daddy's for good food and fellowship while the Braddock girls put out their milk, cookies, and carrots for Santa and his reindeer.
Here's little Shelbs! She the cutest thing ever! She has about 500 expressions. Her speech is still a little hard to understand at times, but she talks like you know just what she's saying. Grace has to be her translator some...she's so funny! She gets so excited about everything including her breakfast (which at Grandaddy's was oatmeal, Rice Krispees and a donut all in one morning!)

Hers's Miss Grace. Katie and I laughed a lot about how much she reminds us of Katie-her looks and her actions! She's a priss! Santa brought her a Sleeping Beauty doll that is as big as she is and a fun table. Grace is VERY into princesses and playing dress up (especially when she's the bride)! She's definitely a girly-girl!!

Here's Julia who is now 14 months old. Santa brought her a cool piano, but here she's into her sisters' toys. She's all over the place, "Miss Independent" doesn't care if anyone is around or not....She and her cousin Sawyer don't have that in common at all! :)

Christmas Morning
Sawyer was the first one up Christmas morning. He woke me up about 5:00, so we went upstairs and made coffee. He was a little amazed at all the presents, but more interested in his bottle. I gave him a bottle and headed down to Priceville to pick up Grandmother Grace. We got back just in time for the Braddock girls to run into the living room to see what Santa brought.

A shot of the living room Christmas morning

Christmas afternoon, we headed South to Clayton, Alabama (A little smaller place, but lots of action going on in the Williams home as well!)
Us at the Williams's house
We had Christmas with Walker's family on Wednesday. We ate and then dug into the presents! Sawyer probably quadrupled the number of toys he had over Christmas. His big gifts were the Laugh & Learn Home, this cool Fisher Price activity block thingy-that has Peek-a-Boo blocks, and you can slide the blocks like Plinko, a Sit & Spin Zebra, and several John Deere tractors.

Sadie (3), Pitt, Granny Beck, Gracie (5), Jennifer, and Papa Pitt
Gracie is holding her new dog. It knows her name, barks, and grows for 4 days. I think it's pretty fantastic! Sadie got a beautiful doll carriage, a high chair, and clothes from Granny Beck. She loved it!

Diana, Risdon (8 mos), Lil' Mikey (3) and Mikey
I think the McCraneys are pretty cute! Lil' Mikey had a big Christmas full of John Deere tractors and Risdon got lots of the same things Sawyer did. Their house is TOYLAND! Sawyer is going to want to move in with Aunt D when he gets older I know!
Christmas is so much fun! I love the summertime, but not much beats Christmas! It's such a good thing when you get to spend time with your family and friends! Allyson was talking about today how nice it is that she and Wes could just hang out together for the week at Christmas, because they usually have to work! Thank you, Lord, for blessing us like you do and for this wonderful time of year! May we each remember how truly special the gift He gave us is!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

California Girls

Katie and her girls are spending the month in Hartselle and have officially taken over Granddaddy's house. Katie has three PRECIOUS little girls, but three girls are A LOT! She definitely has her hands full! Sawyer and I went up to visit on Wednesday and came back home today. Sawyer was kind of in awe at his cousins. He's not quite use to such a loud house. He loved it though! Julia started walking last week, and I think she inspired him a little, because he has become a little more adventurous tonight as he tries to take big steps from one thing to another. He and Shelby took a bath together last night...I should have taken more pictures! They were cute! I'll have to do better at Christmas. Katie's girls like to snuggle with Granddaddy, but Sawyer doesn't like to sit still that long....So, the picture is a pretty good representation of the last few nights at the Brown house. These were taken right after bathtime (as you might can guess from the hairdos)...

Saturday, December 8, 2007

I Love a Parade!

Last night was the Andalusia Christmas Parade. Walker and I were really excited to take Sawyer! He loved it! He's really into lights and music, so the parade was right up his alley! Fortunately, we were able to enjoy the parade with several of our good friends from church and their children, Sawyer's buddies.
Please don't hold the chair in the background against any of these cute kids. It did not belong to any of these Auburn babies! Above is Caroline Reeves, John Luke Colvin, Sawyer, and Maggie Ruth Wiggins.
The newspaper picture man came by to snap a picture for the paper. Walker went to buy an Andalusia Star News first thing this morning, because we thought our little boy was going to be in the paper. Sadly enough, they had cropped the picture, and Caroline was the only cute baby in the paper! Better luck next year, Sawyer!

This was taken during the parade. The parade started at 7:00. Sawyer goes to bed at 7:30, so this must have been right around 7:30. He got an extra burst of energy when the band came by!

These are my sweet Andalusia friends! Walker and their husbands are taking the picture. We are so blessed to have such good friends here! In the picture is Kristen Wiggins and Maggie, me and Sawyer, Shonna Reeves and Caroline, and Beth Colvin and John Luke (who apparently was more interested in whatever was behind us).