Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Williams Crew

There are currently 5 grandkids in the Williams crew! Sawyer made number four. This is Sadie Williams. She probably loves Sawyer the most! She is WAY into babies and follows him around saying, "Baby, Baby, Baby!" Isn't she cute! She's 3...

This is Gracie, the oldest Williams grandchild, and her pet chicken, Dalmation. In this picture, Gracie's about to throw the chicken to show us how Dalmation flies! Dalmation also lets Gracie push it in the swing and has a perch on the steps to her swing set! SOOOOOOO FUNNY! She wants to be a farmer when she grows up.

This is Sawyer with Lil' Mikey and Gracie. They had just come in from a dove shoot. They both LOVED it! I guess Sawyer will be just as excited in a few years to go with his daddy to pick up dead birds....Who knew that was fun? Mikey wants a feller buncher for Christmas. Mikey's three years old. Does anyone know what that is? For his birthday, he had an articulating dump truck party. He's a mess! Right now he's debating between being a farmer or a preacher when he grows up!

This is Sawyer's cousin, Risdon. He's a month and a half younger than Sawyer. Walker tells Sawyer he better be quick, because it looks like Risdon is going to be bigger. Sawyer is gaining on him everyday though!
The Braddock girls fly into Huntsville tonight. They will be here through January 8th. Can't wait to see those little girls! We haven't seen them since April!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow to Katie! She turns the BIG 3-0!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Turkey Day

In honor of Thanksgiving, I want to see if you know your turkeys! I thought it was fun! Walker scored 13 out of 20. I only scored 9 out of 20! That's not even passing! I declared him the official turkey expert in the family, a title he is proud to have being an avid turkey hunter!
See how you do!
Sawyer's been a sick little guy this week! He has a double ear infection and a smoker's cough! Therefore, he and I have been spending lots of time at home! We're really looking forward to going to Granny Beck's and Papa Pitt's for Thanksgivng!

Have you seen Saywer's teeth? He has two. Check them out! They are serving him well! When he got these teeth a couple of months ago, I introduced him to Cheerios...He thinks Cheerios and Puffs are the greatest things ever!

This is the face I get when the Cheerios are coming!

Sawyer is a great supported stander these days, so I got down this little car to see if he could walk behind it. So far, he pushes it away and then doesn't know what to do! He stretches his body out as far as he can to keep from falling! He's funny! I don't think it will take him too long to figure it out though!

This is my cooking buddy! He did this for about 20 minutes tonight dancing away while I cooked supper! Thanks, Bourland, for recommending the table! Sawyer likes it a lot!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I definitely think it's the cheeks that lean the
"look-alike meter" my way! He gets those from his mama!

Monday, November 12, 2007

My Sweet Grandmother

We love Granddaddy!

Me & My Mama

Aunt Al & Sawyer

Coleman Mizell & Sawyer (He really had a good time!)

Grandmother passed away Thursday morning. My mom called at 6:00 a.m. to say she was having a very hard time breathing, and then she called again at 6:15 to tell us she had gone to heaven. I've never been this close to anyone who has passed away, so it's extremely strange to know that I won't be able to go to her house to chat or call her and hear her voice, but PRAISE THE LORD we have a God that has her in His care! The Bible talks about how you'll be rewarded for the work that you do on Earth. I can't help but wonder how great my grandmother's rewards are! AND I rejoice in the fact that we will see her again!
The visitation and funeral weren't until Saturday, because Katie had to fly in. We were able to spend lots of time with family. It was a great weekend! This was the first time Katie had seen Sawyer since March, so he has grown a lot! Sawyer enjoyed playing with all the Browns!
Suzanne and her boys, Eason and Coleman, kept Sawyer all morning Saturday during the funeral. THANK YOU, SUZ! I think I have the best friends in the world!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sawyer's First Trip Down the Slide Solo

Standing Alone-Right Before the Dramatic Fall!


Sawyer in the Swings

Sawyer and I made a quick trip to the Dream Park for the first time last Thursday. He LOVES to swing, and he made his first solo trip down the slide. I thought I'd share a picture.
Walker was off all day Friday, so he spent the morning painting our laundry room. We're trying to get last minute things done before we put a for sale sign in the yard. We have really enjoyed our little house! It has definitely kept Walker busy! My uncle said the other day that we should just put a sign in the yard and sell it "as is." He may be right, but I thought to myself he must not know Walker at all! My husband is not a "that's good enough"-type guy. He has spent countless hours on the windows alone in this house. We know this house isn't ever going to be perfect, but Walker has tried his best to get it in good shape! I am blessed to have a husband who actually enjoys working!
The only thing really he feels he has to do before we try and sell our house is paint our bathroom. It's just a matter of finding a weekend or at least a few hours at home.

We went to Hartselle again Friday afternoon. We really had two good reasons for the trip. One was that Allyson and I are kind of heading up our 10 year reunion, and we had a meeting. The other was that we needed to go see Grandmother Brown again.
She had been pretty unresponsive last week. She has really gone down in two weeks! She did perk up though when Sawyer and I got there Friday night. I have a squirmy baby, but he amazes everyone when he will lay still with her. I think he can tell how precious she is (and probably how much she enjoys him!)

Saturday and Sunday we visited again. Allyson and Wes made it up late Friday night, so by the time they got there on Saturday, Grandmother was not able to talk hardly at all. It's definitely a hard thing to go through, but we know (and have talked to Grandmother) about heaven.

Walker and I were talking Friday night about how this is what we're preparing for. In his words, "it's like game-time for Christians." I agree! I pray that my days are spent doing things that would glorify Him!

On a lighter note...Sawyer pulled up for his first time yesterday! I was impressed! I took a picture of him holding on to the footstool today. He thinks it's a game to fall right now, because he knows I'll catch him. He thinks it's pretty fun to let himself almost slam into the floor. :)
Hope you have a great Wednesday!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bok Bok Ba GAWK!!

I have been so excited about Sawyer's first Halloween! It was a hard decision yesterday whether or not to stay at home, which is a HOT SPOT for trick or treaters OR to go to church for Awana, which we do every Wednesday night. Since we've lived in Andalusia, one of the highlights to living so "in-town" has been Halloween. I think we bought $50 worth of candy last year, and we gave it all out, because we get so many cute kids.....but they were having Awana last night, and Walker and I are leaders, so we hated to miss that.
Anyway...we decided to turn the lights off at home (pretty Scroogy), and go to church where everyone was going to dress up and do trunk or treat.
It was fantastic! All of the kids at church were dressed up. They all loved our little chicken! The girls in my group LOVE Sawyer! It's funny how some kids are SOOOO drawn to babies! Some called him Chicken Little. Other kids said since I was a black-eyed pea (thanks to AC-do y'all remember that?) and Sawyer was a chicken, we were a delicious meal!
Sawyer wore his chicken outfit for 2 1/2 hours (including the hood) just as happy as a lark! I don't think I've ever seen anything as cute as my little boy in a chicken costume! I told Walker I'd never loved him more!!

Costume Winners

I wanted to share the cutest couple award also! In this picture along with the kids is Mr. Johnny and Mrs. Lynn Fuqua. They are sweet people that help with "The Puggles," which is the preschool group of Awana every week! I thought their scarecrow costumes were too cute not to share! Too bad Ty (Superman) did not recognize them!