Friday, January 28, 2011

December in Pictures

Caleb turned 2 and had a very fun party!

Sawyer had fun on all the bounce houses!

Eli enjoyed it, but he acted a little mild.  The next day, I found out he had a double ear infection.

Sawyer had his very first program at school.  His line in the Christmas program was "L is for Love!" 

Granny Beck and Papa Pitt came to cheer him on.

Here's "Eli Chocolate Pie" (as Walker says)...Eli says, "No, not Eli Chocolate Pie...Eli" :)

It's funny how often you can hang out at the barber shop if you have two boys.  I never dreamed I'd spend so much time there, but it's just part of having boys I guess! :) 

Christmas at Walker's parents

Grandmama (Walker's Grandmother) and all her great-grandchildren

Granny Beck gave all the grandkids riding toys-bikes or scooters.  Eli was very excited to get his own Spiderman bike.  He still hasn't gotten the pedaling down.  I think he'd rather me just push him.

Sawyer is a bike-riding machine.  We have spent lots of cold afternoons at the park lately, because our driveway or neighborhood is not bicycle friendly.  He is speedy godzala in need of a helmet!! 

Aunt D, Dyson and Risdon

Walker took both boys fishing in Papa Pitt's Pond.  I was at a women's conference in Birmingham, but he tells me both boys caught fish by themselves.  

Eli and his favorite person, Papa Pitt.  When Papa Pitt talks to him, Eli is in awe.  He just smiles and laughs at him like no one else!  TOO CUTE!

Sawyer & Mikey at Gracie's 8th Birthday!

Cabub and Hayes came to hang out with us a few days.  I'm still praying ONE DAY they'll be our neighbors!

This pictures cracks me up...I can hear them!  Eli saying, "Noooo.  Stop it."

We had snow flurries one day.  NOTHING MAJOR but enough to make us get out in it!

Cabub and Sissy enjoyed it too!

Christmas at the Browns

Shelby & Sawyer

Uncle Scott and Julia

Scott & Katie's playing with their new toy

Back at our house Christmas Eve...Sawyer was putting out reindeer food

Christmas Afternoon at Grandmama's-waiting for presents

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

November Babies, Santa Claus and Dumplings

Allyson, Hayes and Wes

Sweet Hayes

I ALMOST made  it to PCB before Hayes made his appearance.  Allyson and Wes arrived at the hospital 30 minutes before he was born.  By the time she filled out her paper work and got a bed, it was time to push!  OUT OF CONTROL!   Hayes is a dollface...just like his brother!  So far, Allyson's made having two look easy-peasy...Why did having two make me a looney-toon and she makes it look like there's nothing to it?

Here's "Happy, Happy, Happy"Big Brother!
We went to see Santa BEFORE Thanksgiving.   Sawyer liked him.  He asked him for some surprises.  Eli wouldn't go close.

Thanksgiving Day at Walker's Grandmother's House

Dumpling #1    This kid is SWEET! 

Dumpling #2  This kid is Sweet & a  RASCAL and a half...Whew! 

Before Walker & Sawyer's first Deer Hunting Trip...Can you tell Sawyer was ready to go?   No deer was injured, but they did see a few. 

Just cause he's cute!

Diana left our Thanksgiving dinner early, because she wasn't feeling well.  She had the stomach virus and was admitted to the hospital.  Two days later, Sweet Dyson made his arrival. 

Diana and her third precious boy!