Thursday, May 20, 2010

Big Man!

When Walker got home last night, we played outside, and before we knew it.....
After months of being a happy, content passenger, Eli hopped in and DROVE the Jeep. His legs are now long enough to reach the pedal IF he's standing up. He was SOOOOOOOOO HAPPY and proud of himself.
I can tell I'm going to be running after these two characters a lot now with Eli behind the wheel.
Thought I'd share a video of Sawyer & E in action.
Just a fair warning....the end of the video is kind of scary, so watch at your own risk! :)
Sawyer adjusts the gears for him, and you'll hear them both saying, "Beep, beep, beep" as they back up....(just like a dump truck would! :)
Thankfully, no serious injuries occured!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day!

We had a great Mother's Day! I really, really, really like being a mama! I count it a true blessing! These boys of mine are so funny, so stinky, so dirty, laugh A LOT, eat A LOT, play A LOT and make life around here really fun! Who knew I could love two little boys so much?

So...I woke up and Sawyer asked Walker, "Is it Mother's Day yet?" Walker tried to hold him off until Eli got up, but Sawyer couldn't wait, so he brought me a sweet card that he was really proud of. He had colored on it just for me! :)
Then, we got ourselves dressed and headed South to PCB to meet Allyson and crew for Caleb's dedication.
When the preacher called Caleb's name, Caleb started clapping and saying, "YEA!!!" He cracked everybody up! It was very cute! The preacher said, "You can tell when the parents bring them to church a lot, because he knows just where he is." :) Here they are in their post-church clothes. We didn't quite get a dressed up picture in time.

Allyson, Wes, Caleb and Baby #2 on the way in November! :) WOO-HOO!!!

Allyson had prepared a small feast! :)

Hope Mama Brown had a good Mother's Day! They stopped by to see me on their way down to the beach for a little while Thursday night. Sawyer & Eli love G'mama & Granddaddy! Maybe Mama would have stayed a little longer, but her husband, my daddy, seems to always be in a hurry to get back home. We enjoyed their quick visit anyway!

A few things about my boys (so I won't forget)....

Sawyer's 3 years and 3 months old
-Sawyer likes the word "apparently" right now. "Apparently, I need some more orange juice."
-He is SUPER sweet to Eli. He's so good with him. He says, "We have to be sweet to Eli. He's our baby, right Mama?"
-He's getting really tall lately. Looks like he's growing every day! I look out and see this big kid at the swingset sometimes, and think who is that big kid?
-When we go to the gym, he has take a quarter, so we can get our "skim-and-nim-and-nims." I don't think I'll ever correct him on this one. It's cute!
-He LOVES chewing gum!
-At night, he always wants us to make up a story..."Daddy, you drive the bulldozer. I'll drive the excavator. Eli can drive the concrete truck, and Mama can drive the crane." Then, he'll tell us what we're building.
-He knows a lot about Jesus already. He knows when you die, if you have Jesus in your heart, you go to heaven. He loves to read the Jesus dying on the cross story or his long-running favorite, the story about the BIG FISH.
-He's a very sneaky 3-year-old when it comes to candy. If there's candy in this house, he'll find a way to get it! Lately, the stool is coming out of his bathroom a lot, so he can see what he can find! ;)
-Sawyer's SOOOOOOOOOO SWEET! He cares about everybody and wouldn't want to hurt anybody. I LOVE this about him!
-When Walker gets home, we all play in the yard. Lately, we've been playing baseball. Walker will pitch to Sawyer, Sawyer hits, I'm the hindcatcher, and Eli fields the ball. When he hits it, he'll say "Oh, Yeah! Oh, Yeah!"
-He melts my heart! Every once in a while...He'll say, I want to cuddle with you mama. :) :) I love it!!

Eli Williams is about the cutest thing Ever!!!
Eli is 18 months old.
-He loves his "Mimi" (blanket) and still calls Walker "Mama" although he has LOTS of other words. When he gets up from his nap, he'll point at a picture of Walker and say "Mama." I'll tell him no, that's Daddy, and he just laughs!!!! (like I know, but I want to call him Mama)

-He's a snuggle-bug these days! He wants me to rock him before he goes to sleep, and when he first wakes up, he'll cuddle for a few minutes before he really gets going.
-He LOVES cheese. He goes to the refrigerator, and says "Cheese" wanting a piece of cheese. His other favorites are ketchup and orange juice.
-On our swinget, if I'm outside, he'll climb the rock wall and say, "Mama" to help him slide, but if I'm inside watching, he'll FLY down the slide so fast that he bumps his hiney hard on the ground, but just get up and claps.
-He really likes music and to dance.
-He likes tractors and dumptrucks as much as Sawyer.
-He's really good at entertaining himself in "our garden." He looks intent like he knows just what he's doing.
-Eli also really loves Sawyer Williams, and they play together really well, but if Sawyer gets on his nerves or in his way, E is my aggressive child so far. He'll push him out of his way.
-I think for the most part, he's a tender-hearted, fun-loving doll face.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


This is HILARIOUS!! I stole this from Beth's blog, but I thought it was too funny not to share. I'd like to give a special shout out on this to my sister, Katie. Ride on, big sis, in your swagger wagon!