Thursday, January 31, 2008


Sawyer is a sick little fella today. I took him to the doctor yesterday. He has a cold and an ear infection. So, instead of going to Bible study this morning, which is our usual Thursday routine, I'm at home playing on the computer while Sawyer takes a nap.

I thought I'd give a shout out to my lovely husband today that allows me this opportunity. :) I'm still a little amazed that Walker chose me to be his wife. He really is fantastic! I know a lot of you that know him think a lot of him, but to be his wife and to see how he is on a daily basis...He is such a blessing to me! THANK YOU, LORD!

It's neat to think back to how we met. Walker and I met in the stinkiest, old building, Funchess Hall in Auburn. We had a class together my sophomore year. Walker sat in front of me. He was nice (of course), but I didn't think much about him, and he didn't think much about me. However, probably a year later, I remember seeing him at Schlotzkey's. He was with some friends and I was too. I remember thinking, I'd really like to talk to him. I guess it was then that I realized there was something special about him, but I just said hi. He says he saw me at a football game later, but I don't remember that.
Anyway, in June 2002, Walker and I were both at a prestigious location in Auburn called the Blue Room, and God allowed us to begin our fairy-tale romance! :) Isn't that funny? 17th Floor was playing, and we were both fans! What a story to tell Sawyer, huh?
I really do believe it was the Lord's timing for us! We began dating, two months later I moved to Birmingham, 6 months later he moved to Fort Payne, and two years later we were married. God had shown me Walker was suppose to be my husband. It's so neat to think how God knew so much better than I did what I needed! AND that He provided him!
Walker's such a great husband, daddy, son, brother, brother-in-law, uncle, friend, employee, etc.
Anyway, not to go on and on, but I thought I'd include a few pictures of his favorite things.

Heres's a two-in-one photo...His lovely wife and the farm. Walker grew up farming every day of his life. His brother and dad still do. He loves it when he can help them on the farm now, and he likes his job because he's able to help farmers. It's definitely a big part of who he is.

Isn't this a cool picture? What form!! He likes to play as much as he likes to work-probably a good thing he doesn't farm full time.

Walker loves kids in general, but this daddy loves Sawyer Williams! The feeling is mutual. Sawyer talks about him all day long! Then, when it's time for Walker to get home, he goes NUTS! They are definitely "play-prettys" (as Walker would say).

I think I've shared this picture before, but this is the original Williams family.

He'll go deer hunting, but there's not much he likes better than turkey hunting. It is neat how they call the turkeys. Walker and his daddy are good turkey hunters. When they return with their bird, they video themselves telling the story of the hunt-it looks like a tape they could send in to be on a hunting show. He's already told me he wants to go a lot this year! Last year, Sawyer was brand new, so he only went turkey hunting a few times. I feel like this year will be a different story.

One more-just because they're cute! :)

He does have another favorite-but being a devoted Auburn fan, I'd rather not mention it...Oh well! I love him anyway!

Hope you have a great Thursday!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Class of '98

Somehow or another...I am now heading up my 10 year reunion (me and Brown-Brown, of course). Anyway...we've gotten our schedule pretty much outlined. We're going to tailgate and go to a high school football game Friday night, have a family picnic Saturday afternoon, the reunion party Saturday night, and go to church Sunday morning.
We were talking about keepsakes, and Allyson thought it would be fun to make a CD of fun songs from our high school years. I'll have to get the list together and share-it's pretty fun!

I thought this was a fantastic idea, and I'm wondering if anyone else has any fun ideas to share from what you're doing at your reunion. Has anyone been to one yet? Any games we should play?
It's strange to be talking about a 10 year reunion! Most days I feel like I'm just 18! :)
I'm looking forward to getting feedback on this one!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Other Better Half, aka "Brown-Brown"

I was inspired by Erika's guest blog on Darby's blog to create a post dedicated to Allyson. It's still strange to think some of you know me really well, but you don't know her that well.

Well, before there was Walker or Sawyer, I was always a "we" or an "us." It wasn't, "I'm going to do this or was we are.." We always shared a bedroom, went to Auburn together (where we were roommates or suitemates, then moved to Birmingham together to face the "real world." Then, I got married and was bound and determined to find Allyson a South Alabama boy too! It all worked out, and now she lives in PCB. Anyway....being a twin has been one of THE greatest blessings in my life! I love this kid like you wouldn't believe! She really is the nicest person that I know! I'm really jealous of ol' Wesley Harper, who gets to spend so much time with her! Since I got married, I've been limited to lots of phone calls and weekend visits, but I'm praying really, really hard though that one day it will work out where I get to share lots of her time again!

Here's a few pictures of me and Al.
(I got a little scanner happy, but I thought Allyson might enjoy!)


Us with a few dolls and our other sister, Kaite, who we like a lot now too! :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

3 More


My Bookworm

Sawyer tonight with his Pretend Puppy

I snapped a picture of Sawyer doing his "So Strong" pose and had to share! What a character!

Also, a BIG congrats to our friends and new parents, Jan & Walt Burgess. They have a new baby as of about 7:45 tonight. Bethany Grace Burgess, 7 lbs, 20 inches and extra-long feet according toher Aunt Anna. Jan was my best friend at UAB in all my education classes, and she just happened to marry a boy from Opp! I'm so glad to have them close and am so excited about the new addition!

11 months and 1 day

Yesterday was the 15th, which means Sawyer had another birthday! He was 11 months old yesterday. Here's an update on our little guy...
  • He currently has six teeth (four on the bottom and his K-9S)

  • Has finally begun crawling on all fours (as opposed to his scooting-technique that he did so long)

  • LOVES to eat! -especially whatever is on our plates

  • Pulls up and cruises like a champ

  • LOVES to play ball-and has a remarkably good throw

  • He just started a new trick, he's "so strong"-he clinches his fists like he's making muscles! :) It's funny!

  • His Papa Pitt taught him that the gas logs at their house were "hot," so he sticks his hand out and tries to say "hot" when he sees a candle or my coffee.

  • He was also swallowing his food practically whole without chewing, so we taught him how to chew-moving his mouth up and down empty. So, now when he's hungry, he starts "chewing"! It's hilarious!

  • When the music starts, Sawyer starts shaking his booty!

  • Loves to "read" books

I love this little boy so incredibly much! He is so stinkin' funny right now. He may be a comedian when he grows up!
I remember when American Idol came on last year thinking that by the time the show went off, we would have a baby! So, last night as we watched American Idol, Walker and I were talking about how much has changed in a year! We've got a little man getting into everything!! What a blessing he is!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Where's Wal- ker

Can you see him in his red shirt out on the middle of the branch???
My husband was being a little squirrely (as Erika and Darby would say) on Saturday. He told me he was going to hang up Sawyer's swing, which I didn't think much about. Last time he did this, he just threw the rope over the branch, but when I looked out the window....I saw him up in the tree...WAY up in the tree! When I walked outside in my short nightgown to ask if he needed help, our 13-year old neighbor came out from behind the truck. Walker told me they had it under control, but I was making a plan in my head of what I was going to do if he fell! Thankfully, he made it to the ground in one piece!

Monday, January 14, 2008

For Darby & Say

My two pregnant friends have requested details about our meal on Sunday. I did cook a ham. My friend, Beth, gave me the recipe. I didn't realize how easy cooking a ham is! Nothing to it!
I mixed in a little oj and brown sugar and put it in a "cooking magic" bag, and it was um-um good! (in my humble opinion)
We also had green bean casserole, hashbrown casserole, frozen strawberry salad, rolls, and chocolate cake with cream cheese icing for dessert. Yummy!
I wish I would have taken a picture of my table. My mama would be proud! I thought if all else failed, at least my table would look good! I guess I must be growing up, because nothing was burned and everything came together...who knew???

Sawyer's Dedication

We had Sawyer's Baby Dedication yesterday at our church, Carolina Baptist. What a fantastic day! We were challenged as parents to raise him in a Christ-centered home and to teach him through our words and actions the importance of Christ in our lives. We pray that we will be good examples of Christians to him and that he will accept Christ at an early age.
We go to church with lots of young couples, so Sawyer was one of six babies dedicated. They were all very cute!! It was just a good day!
In honor of this, Aunt Al and Uncle Wes came and spent the night Saturday night. We went out to eat Saturday night, and then came back and just hung out. I wish we got to do that every weekend!
Walker's parents and grandmother came up Sunday morning. We got to have everybody at our house after church to eat lunch and chat! I loved it!
Aunt Al and Sawyer on our way to church

Us before Church

Papa Pitt and Sawyer reading Peter Rabbit before Church

Our little group

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cabin Fever

Isn't that the cutest face you've ever seen?
It is to his mama! However, it's been a slow, last three days in Andalusia. I have to admit that I have been seriously contemplating whether I should try and go back to work next year or not today. I have been to Wal-Mart twice, Winn-Dixie once, the park this afternoon, and that's about it for the last few days. I guess I got spoiled having so many other people around over Christmas, and now that we're back, I'm ready for some planned activities! We'll see about going back to work...I may not feel the same tomorrow, but the thought sounds pretty good today. I know it's a total blessing to be able to stay at home, but this mama needs to be busy! Sawyer is doing good, but sometimes I think he gets bored playing with just me too! Tomorrow, our neighbor, Rosemary, is letting me babysit her little three-week old baby for a little while. I think my new friend, Lyndsay, may come help. So, that will be good! I'm sure all you other stay-at-home moms can relate! Somedays are just like this....
Sawyer is being decidated at church on Sunday morning. I'm excited about that! Aunt Al, Uncle Wes, Granny Beck, Papa Pitt, and Grandmama will be joining us! I can't wait to have all of that company! I'm even going to try and cook a ham! We'll see how that goes...
My grandmother Grace is in the hospital with pneumonia, so my parents won't be able to make it. We'll miss you!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Project Completed

Walker just finished the toybox. I think it looks like it's straight out of Pottery Barn! :) Sawyer seems to like it too!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

It's the Small Stuff...

I just wanted to share Walker's project for the day. If you know Walker, you know he's busy most of the time. He always has some project going...He likes to work and be able to have something to show for it. Anway, I really enjoyed watching his labor today. He's working on restoring a barn toybox that his granddaddy made for him when he was little. I think that's such a sweet daddy thing to do. He's not quite done yet, but it's looking good so far!