Wednesday, January 16, 2008

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My Bookworm

Sawyer tonight with his Pretend Puppy

I snapped a picture of Sawyer doing his "So Strong" pose and had to share! What a character!

Also, a BIG congrats to our friends and new parents, Jan & Walt Burgess. They have a new baby as of about 7:45 tonight. Bethany Grace Burgess, 7 lbs, 20 inches and extra-long feet according toher Aunt Anna. Jan was my best friend at UAB in all my education classes, and she just happened to marry a boy from Opp! I'm so glad to have them close and am so excited about the new addition!


Shonna said...
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Shonna said...

Precious! Tell Sawyer to keep it up...Caroline will be looking for a "strong" and handsome man one day!!!

Colvin Family said...

The "strong" face is too cute!

erika said...

precious! glad your squirrel came down out of the tree too. i'd have been worried sick.
i love you and your precious family!

The Lane Family said...

Sawyer is getting so big, Ash. I love looking at all his pictures and seeing his cute personality! You should be so proud!

Julie said...

I'm glad that I will be able to talk to you via blog. We miss seeing your smiling face on "green hall". At least Sawyer gets to see it 24/7. I can't believe he is about to turn 1. Your blogspot looks great!! Mine still needs some TLC!