Wednesday, January 16, 2008

11 months and 1 day

Yesterday was the 15th, which means Sawyer had another birthday! He was 11 months old yesterday. Here's an update on our little guy...
  • He currently has six teeth (four on the bottom and his K-9S)

  • Has finally begun crawling on all fours (as opposed to his scooting-technique that he did so long)

  • LOVES to eat! -especially whatever is on our plates

  • Pulls up and cruises like a champ

  • LOVES to play ball-and has a remarkably good throw

  • He just started a new trick, he's "so strong"-he clinches his fists like he's making muscles! :) It's funny!

  • His Papa Pitt taught him that the gas logs at their house were "hot," so he sticks his hand out and tries to say "hot" when he sees a candle or my coffee.

  • He was also swallowing his food practically whole without chewing, so we taught him how to chew-moving his mouth up and down empty. So, now when he's hungry, he starts "chewing"! It's hilarious!

  • When the music starts, Sawyer starts shaking his booty!

  • Loves to "read" books

I love this little boy so incredibly much! He is so stinkin' funny right now. He may be a comedian when he grows up!
I remember when American Idol came on last year thinking that by the time the show went off, we would have a baby! So, last night as we watched American Idol, Walker and I were talking about how much has changed in a year! We've got a little man getting into everything!! What a blessing he is!


Anonymous said...

So cute - everything they do around this age is funny - I just love it! And I love his big smile!!!

Dave and Mandi said...

Awww! I'm sure you hear this all the time, but I just want to squeeze his little cheeks!! I'm sure you are excited about planning his first birthday. Hope to see you soon!

The Martin Family said...

Is he the happiest boy alive? Too cute!

Shonna said...

Happy Birthday Sawyer!!! He is so sweet and I could have just eaten him up in church on Sunday!