Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Our Last Hoorah

Sawyer's first birthday party was great! We had all the Williams family here, FAITHFUL Aunt Al and Uncle Wes (who are good to always come), and our sweet neighbors, Rosemary, Sarah Kathryn, Lauren, and Rebecca Rose. Sawyer had a great time playing with his cousins and friends! He also dove into the cake-as you can see from the pictures!

It looks like his first birthday party at our house will be the last birthday party at THIS house. We sold our house last night. WOAH! My neighbor, Rosemary, and I went all over Enterprise yesterday looking at homes. There are several that are nice, but we're still unsure exactly where we'll be. Looks like we're about to get busy REALLY investigating that though!
It is a total blessing that our house sold very quickly! Walker was excited! He has worked and worked on our house, and I know he felt like it all paid off last night!

If you're an Andalusia friend reading this, I hate even to talk about moving! Let's just pretend like it's not really going to happen, and we'll promise to come back and visit! I'm glad we're not moving that far away, because we have WONDERFUL friends here, and I plan on seeing you often!

I do think this is what God wants for us right now. Walker's drive to work is too far. God has been so faithful to always provide us with great friends everywhere we go! Who knew when Walker was transferred to Evergreen how well it would work out? I really have LOVED Andalusia! We love our church, friends and neighbors! Walker and I laugh that if we don't like it somewhere else, we can always move back!

Anyway...that's our news for now. I'll keep you updated when I know more.


Emily Chappell said...

That boy loves him some cake! How sweet!

And, Enterprise, AL? Like as in close to Dothan? I am going to need an update on this. email
love you!

Darby Stickler said...

Praise the Lord that your house sold so quickly... I knew it would... from the pictures I'd buy it in a heartbeat! I love it!! Isn't it so cool how God always meets us where we are?! He'll meet you in Enterprise and you will love it too! We've loved everywhere we've been and God has faithfully always met us there and provided great friends for us!! I'm glad you'll be closer to me... I hope we can play often! I love you my friend!!

Colvin Family said...

Congratulations! Sad news for us but that's okay. Isn't it awesome how just a few weeks ago we were talking about this idea and you were wondering if it was the right move and BOOM God sold your house?! He provided a buyer and now He will provide a new home. Do you think there is a park somewhere between here and Enterprise where we could meet and walk?! I'm happy it has worked out so well for you and Walker and little Sawyer!

Tara McClendon said...

Ashley, who is your neighbor Rosemary?? I love putting all these Andalusia connections together! Email me and fill me in on Enterprise and all your plans. Maybe I know someone in Enterprise needing to sell a house?! I'm trying to think...