Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Our Last Hoorah

Sawyer's first birthday party was great! We had all the Williams family here, FAITHFUL Aunt Al and Uncle Wes (who are good to always come), and our sweet neighbors, Rosemary, Sarah Kathryn, Lauren, and Rebecca Rose. Sawyer had a great time playing with his cousins and friends! He also dove into the cake-as you can see from the pictures!

It looks like his first birthday party at our house will be the last birthday party at THIS house. We sold our house last night. WOAH! My neighbor, Rosemary, and I went all over Enterprise yesterday looking at homes. There are several that are nice, but we're still unsure exactly where we'll be. Looks like we're about to get busy REALLY investigating that though!
It is a total blessing that our house sold very quickly! Walker was excited! He has worked and worked on our house, and I know he felt like it all paid off last night!

If you're an Andalusia friend reading this, I hate even to talk about moving! Let's just pretend like it's not really going to happen, and we'll promise to come back and visit! I'm glad we're not moving that far away, because we have WONDERFUL friends here, and I plan on seeing you often!

I do think this is what God wants for us right now. Walker's drive to work is too far. God has been so faithful to always provide us with great friends everywhere we go! Who knew when Walker was transferred to Evergreen how well it would work out? I really have LOVED Andalusia! We love our church, friends and neighbors! Walker and I laugh that if we don't like it somewhere else, we can always move back!

Anyway...that's our news for now. I'll keep you updated when I know more.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Sawyer's First Year

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from Sawyer's first year. We're having a birthday party tomorrow afternoon. Then, we'll move on to something besides birthday pictures! :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

"Take me to the River..."

"...Drop me in the water."
I know Erika, Darby, and Allyson are at least with me remembering Big Mouth Billy Bass! :) There was one at Good ol' Boys, where I served a short-term sentence as a hostess.
Those were funny, little, singing fish! I remember it also sang "Don't worry be happy."
Those were funny, little fish!

While we were in Hartselle, Walker went fishing in his dad's pond and caught this big fish. He was excited, because it was the biggest bass he's caught. Luckily, he's not into mounting them, just cooking them! Yum! :)
We had to take a picture to share with my dad....not that Walker would brag or anything! :)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Sawyer!

Our baby is now 1 year old! What a fantastic year I've had because of him! He is such a happy, fun-loving, precious boy! I'm so thankful to be his mama! He is such a joy beyond measure!

We made our unexpected trip to Hartselle on Wednesday. Walker was working, so Sawyer and I headed North. I was a little bummed that we had to leave Walker for Valentine's Day and for Sawyer's first birthday. I told Walker that, and he said, "Ashley, we treat Sawyer like everyday is his birthday." I laughed, because it's pretty true! I can't seem to help myself though!!!

Anyway...if we couldn't celebrate in Andalusia with Walker, I think we got the next best thing...Aunt Al, Gmama, and Granddaddy. I told Sawyer as long as he sticks with Gmama-he'll have a big birthday, because she'll make a big deal out of a birthday! She does birthdays full-blown! In fact, my dad had a birthday Feb. 8th, and he's still celebrating. He says although he use to not care about them, he's been living with Mama too long not to make a big deal out of his birthday.

To celebrate his birthday-day, we went to Chucky Cheese in Decatur, and he loved it! The loud music, all the kids, the pizza, and the rides were right up his alley!
He could not get over big Chucky while we ate, and then he started dancing! So funny! Then, he rode every little ride there, and he made a friend with this two-year old little girl. She wanted to ride everything with him, and he loved it! That was lunch...then Gmama got him a cake at the grocery store (which is unlike her really not to make it, but things have been a little hectic at the Brown house), and he had his first cupcake-which was a total hit!
Being his mama is the greatest thing ever! I know I enjoyed Sawyer's birthday as much as he did!
Click here to see More Pictures
Here's a little clip too-just for fun!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We'll Party on Another Day

Update on Grandmother-They found an abcess on my grandmother's colon. So, tomorrow afternoon, she is having surgery to remove it to help alleviate the stomach pains. I'm going to head to North Alabama in the morning, so I can be there with my mom.
Sawyer's 1st birthday party was scheduled for Saturday, but I'm going to postpone the big festivities for another weekend. I hate to, but I'm pretty sure Sawyer won't mind nearly as much as his mama.
His birthday is Friday, so if I'm still around Decatur, we may have to take advantage of the Chuck E' Cheese or something fun!
Thanks for your concern and your prayers!

Good Morning!

Thought I'd share a picture I took of Sawyer yesterday in his big boy clothes! When I got him dressed, I thought he looked like he was ready to go play golf with my dad. He definitely has the attire-just needs to learn how to walk. :)

Also, I wanted to let you know that my Grandmother Grace is in ICU. She went into the hospital yesterday morning, and they found she has an infection somewhere in her body and fluid around her heart and lungs that they will drain today. If you'll say a prayer for her-for God to comfort her and for strength for my mom and dad as they take care of her. My mom spent the night in the waiting room of the hospital last night. I know she's exhausted. It's hard to live so far away when you think that they need you at home. Thank you for the prayers!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

We now have a sign in our yard. Our home is officially for sale. After years of talking about moving, I guess we're now at step 1. I'm not sure what step 2 will look like, but I feel like the Lord was saying it's time to do it, so after much ado-we have a sign in the yard. If you know anyone that needs a good home in Andalusia, send them my way.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

80 Degrees

Watching the Birds

Oh, I love a pretty, sunny day! These past few days have been fabulous! The rain is falling outside right now, and I know the cold weather is on it's way back-but the last two days have been beautiful! It makes me so ready for spring!
Sawyer has been enjoying it too! Yesterday afternoon we sat outside in our rocking chairs on the front porch and watched the birds. There were tons of them. I told Sawyer that he needed his daddy to identify them all for us, but we had fun spotting them. Things like that are so much fun with Sawyer. He's so interested in everything!
In the last few days, he's been up to a little mischief. He has:

  • crawled into the kitchen when the phone rang, and by the time I got in there he had turned the trash can upside down to eat the leftover rice cereal I had thrown out for breakfast. IT WAS FUNNY! Wish I had a picture of that! He had that mess everywhere-all over his face, on the floor...Thankfully, there was a new garbage bag in there, so it wasn't too gross, Just a mess!
  • learned to pull the dishwasher door down and crawl on top of the door-I found him in there just sitting Indian-style on the door. It's like the phone ringing is his cue to get into something.
  • turned the flower watering can over on himself-He had a look on his face like "What in the world did I do to soak myself??" He was SOAKED! Smiled through the whole thing...what a character.

Monday, February 4, 2008

For anyone interested...

Sawyer had his 10 month pictures made in December. The photographer, Amy Nichols, put the proofs online for anyone who's interested in seeing them.
You can click on the link and go to "proofing." The code is "Sawyer."