Monday, December 31, 2012

What in the world?? :)

Walker & Sawyer at Christmas
Hi there.  I'm Ashley.  It's been a long time!  I feel terrible about this.  I tried to post something back 10 months ago, but I was surprised/disappointed/cheap when I was told I had to "purchase an upgrade" to keep this blog up and going, so I didn't. 
I've had a change of heart though.  (although so far no money is being required to type this...we'll see!)
I've missed a lot of updates this year, and with a new baby due in a few days, I thought it was high-time that I get back into blogging mode.  My sweet baby girl might care one day, and I know her mama will.  My memory is quite elusive.  My thoughts are not profound, but there is nothing more I'd rather record than the life of my little family around here.  I turned my blog into a blog book when Eli turned one, and it's one of my favorite things.  So, we go.
To tell you the would be fun to read back on all my thoughts from 2012 from the perspective of not knowing then what I know now.
We went through a major trial with Sawyer when he unexpectedly broke his femur and the x-ray showed a huge bone cyst in his leg.  We serve a Mighty God though, who brought us through that trial with flying colors.  Although I hated the thought of Sawyer having a big operation on his little leg, God revealed that he had our little man in HIS care.  I just had to trust.  We are praising the Lord that we got a great report Dec. 17th.  His bone is healing after surgery.  Although the pathology report gave us a more grim diagnosis than expected....God is healing his leg.  We are THANKFUL!  I pray I never take my boys running, playing, swimming, jumping, wrestling, etc, etc for granted....It's a gift for sure!

We had a good year otherwise!  We are blessed and thankful!  Eli Marshall Williams is a hoot and a half.  I wish I had written down all the things he's said this year, but memory....This week Walker took the boys squirrel hunting with Papa Pitt.  Eli was excited to shoot a squirrel nest.  When the squirrel ran out, he said he "shot him in his hiney crack."  He makes his mama laugh!  :)  Sawyer is doing great!  He really has enjoyed his first year of school.  Thankfully, he's a pretty good student so far!  He's really, really sweet and his brother is his best friend.  Daddy is the favorite around here, which is good with me.  They love their mama, but I can't blame them....Daddy is fun!  We were excited to find out in May that we have a baby on the way.  I'm due January 24th, but I've been having a lot of contractions, so it could be any day.  I'm not sure how to tackle a 10-month delay, so here are a  few  lot of pictures for now.  Unfortunately, these are WAY out of order....I may try and fix this problem later, but for now....I'm kind of thinking this will work.  If anyone has an easy way to move these pictures around, let me know! :) 
what our house looks like on most nights
Eli's Christmas program at Small Steps
Sawyer's Christmas program at EEEC

Sawyer waiting to see Santa 2012
Eli wants a skateboard and Sawyer wants a Transformer Prime Fire Station
waiting to see Santa 2012

We got a pink room.

Christmas at the Williams

Christmas morning at home

Christmas with Grandmama
This is an xray from the ER on the night he broke his leg.  The crack is the fracture, and the big circle is the bone cyst. :(
I mean....this kid was a trooper through it all! :)

Eli's look

The Martin boys came to visit-it was a highlight of my year

Easter morning with Daddy
handsome rascals and their mama Easter morning

playing soccer-I somehow helped coach-it was FUN!  Sawyer was a
fantastic soccer player!  He's looking forward to playing again in the
spring.  Who knew we'd be into soccer?
Eli liked it too.  He mostly played goalie.  He thinks he'll play tee ball in the spring.

Walker & one of his sidekicks building shelves for the toyroom

in the spring-Sawyer conquered the monkey bars=BIG DEAL
church friends-my sweet friend Lacey visited from Texas in May
Christmas 2012
we had some "special fertilizer" for the garden this year-and it was bountiful! ;)

4-year-old preschool graduation
"Keep it together, Mama"

after the big graduation
the next weekend-Sawyer broke his leg

Thankfully, people are REALLY nice-it was like Christmas around here for Sawyer
Plus...he had a really good buddy to entertain him.

This is a trooper.  Have I said that already? 

The "Brown" grandkids in Madison at the Early Works Museum
we were celebrating Caroline's birthday

first day of kindergarten
First Day of Kindergarten-I opted to take one without a brace
Daddy's birthday-35 years old
Uncle Scott let Sawyer drive the boat since he had a big cast on his leg.
The Williams' Family Beach Trip-Walker's toes didn't touch the sand b/c sweet Sawyer was confined to the room too, but they still had fun playing with cousins
Everyone is glad Papa Pitt joins us on our trips these days
This is me at 18 weeks-the day we found out we are having a GIRL!  Who would've thought?!?! 
The boys were/are SO EXCITED!  :)  Praise the Lord!
This is 20 weeks along
Made room for baby when we moved Eli into Sawyer's room
For Eli's 4th birthday party, we invited our family and a few friends to a Pirate party.  We like to dig in the dirt around here.

Walking the Plank

Sweet 4 years! 
Sawyer was chosen out of all the kindergarteners to say the pledge at the "Red Ribbon" parade.  I thought my heart might burst this day.  He did so good! 

Sawyer's class-Mrs. Purvis's Heroes

Eli on his birthday morning-A BIG bike so he can keep up with his brother

Birthday muffin

Ready to Trick-or-Treat...These costumes were worn EVERY day in October

Headed to Trick or Treat on their bikes

first program at EEEC

Small Steps Trike-A-Thon

E on his big-boy bike

29 weeks pregnant-She's Growing!
E, Caleb, and Sawyer at Caleb and Hayes' birthday party in November

Nov. 17th I had a really fun baby shower.  Sarah Martin made the trip from Auburn,and I sure loved her being there! 
Holy Moly!  Reagan is set with cute stuff!

My friends are so talented and smart.  Reagan received lots of cute and handmade stuff!
Sweet Friends at the Baby Shower
Back to May :/-for Small Steps Graduation

August-playing in the dirt (without a brace)-we were living on the edge 

August-at the beach without our brace....AHHHH!!!  It was a good day! 

Sweet E's first day of 3-year-old preschool

E's first day of 3-year-old Small Steps and Sawyer's second day of kindergarten

My friend Lyndsay made this tutu for Reagan (her first gift) right after we found out we were expecting a girl.  I could not get over that this tutu belonged at my house! :) 
(Possible) Momentous occasion-First Wildcats Football Game
Grandparents' Day at Small Steps-Sept. 11th-Eli was PROUD of his crew

This is after Sawyer's surgery (Sept.18th).  Bless his bones!  It was ROUGH at times, but he did so good!
The Baby Shower Hostess with the Mostest

My four-year-old "baby" enjoyed watching Reagan get new stuff

Our Lifegroup at Christmas Time